Under The Radar: What Is Really Rankling Team Obama About The Wiki-Leaks Dump?

Obama And Clinton - What Are They Really So Upset About?

The Wiki-Leaks drama continues – replete with some major mis-direction.  As I write this post, Drudge Report’s headliners are that Wiki-Leaks is currently under a massive cyber-attack – and that the leaks include revelations that Hillary Clinton sent some confidential messages requesting information on the psyche of Argentina’s President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner.

 For instance, via Drudge from Tim Johnson of McClatchy Newspapers comes this lead-in:

 “MEXICO CITY — Seeking a frank evaluation of Argentina’s president, the office of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires late last year to delve into her psyche.

“How is Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner managing her nerves and anxiety?” asked a cable dated Dec. 31, 2009, and signed “CLINTON” in all capital letters….”

 Wow.  Now, that’s some story right there – as if embassies are just now being used to gather intelligence on foreign leaders’ personalities, health issues and policies.

 What I’d like to know more about is something the U.S. government and its friends in big media are never going to give us.  It looks to me like the most embarrassing item for the United States on the Wiki-Leaks menu is another revelation of very ugly details about the duplicity of our supposed great ally – Saudi Arabia.

 We sell arms to the Saudis.  We buy oil from them.  Our presidents show deference (in the most embarrassing ways) to them as friends of The United States and as partners in combating terrorism.  That’s all very nice pabulum for public consumption.

 But always look beneath the radar, says I.  Where does the U.S. government want us to concentrate our attention during this Wiki-Leaks hysteria – and where would President Obama prefer that we not look too closely?

 The Saudis engineer de facto purchases of major universities from us, via cash donations that are used to construct buildings dedicated to Middle Eastern studies (read that: Islamic studies).  Cash never comes without expectations from the donor.

 They fund the construction of mosques and export imams to our shores – Muslim leaders who preach Sharia, jihad and hatred for Western Civilization.

 So what has really caused the greatest embarrassment and consternation among the Obama administration insiders?  My best guess is that it is Wiki-Leaks’ spilling of the beans that the Saudis continue to provide financial support for the Al Quaeda terrorists who wage outright war against our best and bravest overseas – in Afghanistan and Iraq.

 And that is the one issue that my money says is not going to appear on the mainstream media’s agenda for your consumption in the days and weeks to come.

About John L. Work

John L. Work is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach. His background includes 20 years service as a Colorado Peace Officer and 2 years with the Colorado State Public Defender's Office as an investigator. He has written three novels and been a political writer since January of 2010.
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