Mitch McConnell Pimps Senate Republicans, House Republicans And His Constituents For $2.9 Billion

Mitch McConnell

                                                     Meet The Pimp (Photo:AP) 

If you’re still a fan and supporter of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) of Kentucky, you can stop reading right here and go on to something else.  In fact I highly recommend you do so.

There’s a section of East Colfax Avenue in Aurora, Colorado, that is to say, the low rent motel district, which used to be famous in the ranks of Denver Metro vice enforcement cops and police officers throughout the State, where certain goods and services could be purchased.  The merchants who deliver such goods and services are called pimps or Mac Daddies.  Their employees, providers of the actual goods and services, are called whores, hookers, prostitutes, escorts and other sundry names which I won’t mention here.  I’ve been out of law enforcement for nearly twelve years, now.  I don’t know if that particular area of the city is as it was when I was in the business, or if it has been cleaned up.

During the month of October, Senate Republicans Ted Cruz and Mike Lee led a desperate, honorable fight in what is supposed to be the world’s greatest deliberative legislative body, to stop what is going to financially break a whole lot of middle class families.  That would be the funding of the Affordable Care Act.  They also tried to stop taking our nation even further into financial ruin by raising the nation’s debt ceiling.

The House Repubs made their stand, sort of.

Mitch McConnell could have rallied his Senate troops around the House Republicans and fought to the last man standing – on some principle.  The fact is that he has no principles or he would have fought the good fight, win or lose.  I would have respected the man.  Instead, Mitch McConnell became a pimp. He prostituted the entire Republican Senate membership and all of Kentucky’s constituents who will pay the Obamacare bill.  He delivered the Senate votes and Kentucky’s citizens like a car full of two-dolar whores to Baraka Obama and the Democrats.  Now they’re having their way with the Congress and with the American people, as surely as a John has his way with a two-dollar hooker.  

McConnell’s payment for the goods and services delivered?  Nearly three billion dollars ($2,900,000,000.00) in Kentucky pork.

See ya later, Mitch.

P.S.  I never claimed to be a lterary giant.  I writes it as I sees it.

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About John L. Work

John L. Work is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach. His background includes 20 years service as a Colorado Peace Officer and 2 years with the Colorado State Public Defender's Office as an investigator. He has written three novels and been a political writer since January of 2010.
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7 Responses to Mitch McConnell Pimps Senate Republicans, House Republicans And His Constituents For $2.9 Billion

  1. Pimp and a Republican whore all rolled into one!

  2. Carol says:

    And again I say, Cut! Print! ‘Nuf said! Case closed! Mitch McConnell is a traitor to conservatives and conservatism! He can look himself in the mirror and KNOW that he helped usher in tough times for the American people! I have a feeling that somewhere “out there” his parents are ashamed of him!!!

  3. Clairsentient1 says:


  4. Pope Frank says:

    Agreed,McConnell is a loathsome creature.But the only thing lower,more hypocritical and totally crazy are the Tea/Nuts and the new Sarah Palin,Ted Cruz!

    • John L. Work says:

      I’ve approved your comment, Frank. However, I don’t agree with you about Ted Cruz. He’s not crazy. I’ve fallen out with Sarah Palin. She’s not crazy, either, but she’s done some things I cannot reconcile, such as throwing her support to John McCain in the 2010 AZ Republican Senate primary. Now she says that Repubs like he is should be challenged in 2014 primary races. She’s trying to have it both ways. Thank you for reading along and taking the time to comment. Best wishes, JW

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