Fare Well, Safe Travels And Best Wishes

John L.. WorkFollowing some serious consideration, I’ve decided to close down my blogging operation.  During the past three years, tens of thousands of readers stopped by to read and leave comments. 

I thank all of you and wish the best for you.

John L. Work

November 1, 2013

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About John L. Work

John L. Work is a graduate of Cal State Long Beach. His background includes 20 years service as a Colorado Peace Officer and 2 years with the Colorado State Public Defender's Office as an investigator. He has written three novels and been a political writer since January of 2010.
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3 Responses to Fare Well, Safe Travels And Best Wishes

  1. Jed west says:


    A lot of people are going miss your wit and wisdom. I hope that after some time off you’ll come back both guns blazing (figuratively speaking).

    Thank you for your honesty, insight and fearlessness.

    Best to you.

  2. Caroline beckenhaupt says:

    So sad to see you won’t be blogging anymore. I’ll miss your honesty and wise views. I do hope you’ll continue writing novels.

  3. alanaewoods says:

    Hopefully it won’t be forever, John, as I like to read what you have to say.

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