If FDR Had Done After December 7, 1941 What Bush And Obama Did Following 9/11/01…

FDR_war_message(Photo:  FDR addresses Congress on December 8, 1941)

What is going on now within the government of The United States of America is disturbing beyond words.  My friend Diana West’s literary work on the War, the Benghazi massacre and its aftermath has been both elucidating and terribly demoralizing.

The hard reality of our circumstance is that, following the groundwork provided by George W. Bush’s blundering post-9/11 alliance with Muslim Brotherhood operatives (with thanks to Grover Norquist), Barack Hussein Obama has managed to totally switch sides in the war – before our very eyes. In 2010, author and counter-jihad blogger Pamela Geller spoke about Grover Norquist and his dramatic effect on the direction taken in the (inept) prosecution of this War.  Geller was featured by Editor Jamie Glazov in a Front Page Magazine interview:

… Jamie, Grover Norquist’s troubling ties to Islamic supremacists and jihadists have been known for years. He and his Palestinian wife, Samah Alrayyes, who was director of communications for his Islamic Free Market Institute until they married in 2005, are very active in “Muslim outreach.” Just six weeks after 9/11, The New Republic ran an expose explaining how Norquist arranged for George W. Bush to meet with fifteen Islamic supremacists at the White House on September 26, 2001 — to show how Muslims rejected terrorism…

… It was Norquist who ushered these silver-tongued jihadists into the Oval Office after the worst attack ever on American soil. Don’t you think that the likes of Ibn Warraq, Bat Ye’or, and Wafa Sultan should have been advising the President instead of Hamas, Hizballah and the Muslim Brotherhood? But that wasn’t to be. So at that September 26 meeting Bush declared that “the teachings of Islam are teachings of peace and good.” It was a critically important, historic moment. What should have been the most important teaching moment of the long war became a propaganda tool for Islam. A singular historic opportunity was squandered, and the harm that has resulted is incalculable…”

The transition is complete.  The United States of America is now supporting and providing military/financial assistance in the Arab Spring debacle to the very Muslim Brotherhood offspring that attacked us on September 11, 2001.  Try getting your brain wrapped around that one.

Can you possibly imagine FDR addressing the nation in the days following December 7, 1941 with a delegation from the Imperial Japanese Empire standing at his left shoulder?  Well, George W. Bush spoke to us shortly after the 9/11 attacks with Muslim Brotherhood operatives standing right behind his left shoulder, assuring us that the war is not about Islam.  He told us that Islam is peace, not war.  It was about extremism, people who hijacked and perverted a noble faith for non-Islamic goals.  And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how it began.  Here we are, hand in hand with al Qaida, helping to overthrow the Middle East and hand it over to the Muslim Brotherhood .

Can you imagine FDR suddenly authorizing financial aid and military assistance to the armed forces of the Imperial Empire of Japan during the year 1943, to assist in the conquest of Asia?  Beyond that, can you imagine FDR doing that without having to answer a few questions from a press corps which actually had an interest in the well-being of the U.S.A?  Yes.  At one time, the American Press actually was interested in reporting the news and in the survival of our nation.

In her latest syndicated column on the Benghazi Congressional investigation, Diana West writes:

…When Farenthold introduced this crucial subject [the February 17 Martyrs Brigade] into the hearings, he also opened a window into Benghazi that shone light not only on disastrous Western support for “Arab Spring,” but also on the core crisis in U.S. foreign policy.

Farenthold: “Mr. Nordstrom, can you tell me the role of February 17 Martyrs Brigade in protecting the consulate in Benghazi?”

Nordstrom: “Certainly. That was the unit, for lack of a better term, that was provided to us by the Libyan government.”

This already was news to me: The Libyan government provided known jihadists to guard U.S. interests?

On second thought, there is nothing fantastic about this when – or, rather, if – we consider that the U.S. government supported an army of known jihadists in its revolution against Libya’s anti-jihadist former leader Moammar Gadhafi. I say “if” because I don’t expect even the members of the committee to see the “Arab Spring” this way. Uncle Sam’s open support for jihad is an epic scandal that is never even acknowledged…

If FDR had changed sides and joined forces with Japan and Germany during WWII, as Bush and Obama have ultimately joined forces with the Muslim Brotherhood, where would the world be today? 

And where will the world be four years from now if this America/Muslim Brotherhood alliance continues?

About John L. Work

John Lloyd Work has taken the detective thriller genre and woven an occasional political thread throughout his books, morphing what was once considered an arena reserved for pure fiction into believable, terrifying, futuristic, true-to-life “faction”. He traveled the uniformed patrolman’s path, answering brutal domestic violence calls, high speed chases, homicides, suicides, armed robberies, breaking up bar fights, and the accompanying sporadic unpredictable moments of terror - which eventually come to all police officers, sometimes when least expected. He gradually absorbed the hard fact that the greatest danger a cop faces comes in the form of day-to-day encounters with emotionally disturbed, highly intoxicated people. Those experiences can wear a cop down, grinding on his own emotions and psyche. Prolonged exposure to the worst of people and people at their worst can soon make him believe that the world is a sewer. That police officer’s reality is a common thread throughout Work’s crime fiction books. Following his graduation from high school, Work studied music and became a professional performer, conductor and teacher. Life made a sudden, unexpected turn when, one afternoon in 1976, his cousin, who eventually became the Chief of the Ontario, California, Police Department, talked him into riding along during a patrol shift. The musician was hooked into becoming a police officer. After working for two years as a reserve officer in Southern California and in Boulder, Colorado, he joined the Longmont, Colorado Police Department. Work served there for seven years, investigating crimes as a patrolman, detective and patrol sergeant. In 1989 he joined the Adams County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office, where he soon learned that locking a criminal up inside a jail or prison does not put him out of business. As a sheriff’s detective he investigated hundreds of crimes, including eleven contract murder conspiracies which originated “inside the walls”. While serving on the Adams County North Metro Gang Task Force and as a member of the Colorado Security Threat Intelligence Network Group (STING), Work designed a seminar on how a criminal’s mind formulates his victim selection strategy. Over a period of six years he taught that class in sheriff’s academies and colleges throughout Colorado. He saw the world of crime both inside the walls and out on the streets. His final experiences in the criminal law field were with the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office, where for nearly two years he investigated felonies from the defense side of the Courtroom. Twenty-two years of observing human nature at its worst, combined with watching some profound changes in America’s culture and political institutions, provided plenty of material for his first three books. A self-published author, he just finished writing his tenth thriller.
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