Same Ol’ Same Ol’ Or Perhaps We Had Better Try Something Different….

SPQRthWord has it that Jeb Bush (R) is the current frontrunner for the GOP 2016 Presidential nomination.  And his opponent will in all probability be Mrs. Clinton (D).  So, what would be the difference if either of them won?  Or, to put it in her words, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Here’s a little situational breakdown from yours truly:

1)  Middle Eastern issues:

The Bush clan has well-known close ties to our “allies”, the Saudi royals, whose government provided, or provides, funding to jihadis who blew up our soldiers and Marines in Afghanistan and Iraq.  And BTW, was it not true that 15 of the 19 jihadis who carried out the 9/11/01 attacks were from Saudi Arabia?  Anyone believe that Jeb Bush is really going to denounce his brother’s and father’s support of the Saudis?

And what about Hillary?

Well, her closest advisor for years upon years has been Huma Abedin, whose familial ties to the Muslim Brotherhood’s upper echelons are well-documented. And didn’t Congresswoman Michele Bachmann pay a price for raising the question, via a letter she wrote to Representative Keith Ellison (D), as to whether a little background check on Ms. Abedin might be in order.

2)  National Security, vis a vis our borders:

The Bush clan, in particular Bush 43, has a history of not only refusing to actually close the southern border, but one of W’s two greatest “regrets” was that he didn’t get that “immigration reform” (read that one: amnesty) passed before he left office (remember, “See you at the signing.”?).  If you want to know what Jeb Bush believes about amnesty, read this.

Hillary claims to be a “huge supporter” of comprehensive immigration reform (again, read that: amnesty) for millions of illegals who have invaded our nation.  And the WashPo report says she expects the Republican-controlled House of Representatives to lead the way in passing the bill.

In my recenty-published thriller novella, A Summons To Perdition: Book 2, I wrote about the huge historical precedent set by an ancient empire which invited its own final destruction by allowing tens of thousands of impoverished immigrants to enter its borders.  The parallels between what happened to the Roman Empire in the late 4th century and what is happening to our nation today are beyond astonishing.

So, which of these two contenders is going to save us from what befell the Romans?

To be continued…

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About John L. Work

John Lloyd Work has taken the detective thriller genre and woven an occasional political thread throughout his books, morphing what was once considered an arena reserved for pure fiction into believable, terrifying, futuristic, true-to-life “faction”. He traveled the uniformed patrolman’s path, answering brutal domestic violence calls, high speed chases, homicides, suicides, armed robberies, breaking up bar fights, and the accompanying sporadic unpredictable moments of terror - which eventually come to all police officers, sometimes when least expected. He gradually absorbed the hard fact that the greatest danger a cop faces comes in the form of day-to-day encounters with emotionally disturbed, highly intoxicated people. Those experiences can wear a cop down, grinding on his own emotions and psyche. Prolonged exposure to the worst of people and people at their worst can soon make him believe that the world is a sewer. That police officer’s reality is a common thread throughout Work’s crime fiction books. Following his graduation from high school, Work studied music and became a professional performer, conductor and teacher. Life made a sudden, unexpected turn when, one afternoon in 1976, his cousin, who eventually became the Chief of the Ontario, California, Police Department, talked him into riding along during a patrol shift. The musician was hooked into becoming a police officer. After working for two years as a reserve officer in Southern California and in Boulder, Colorado, he joined the Longmont, Colorado Police Department. Work served there for seven years, investigating crimes as a patrolman, detective and patrol sergeant. In 1989 he joined the Adams County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office, where he soon learned that locking a criminal up inside a jail or prison does not put him out of business. As a sheriff’s detective he investigated hundreds of crimes, including eleven contract murder conspiracies which originated “inside the walls”. While serving on the Adams County North Metro Gang Task Force and as a member of the Colorado Security Threat Intelligence Network Group (STING), Work designed a seminar on how a criminal’s mind formulates his victim selection strategy. Over a period of six years he taught that class in sheriff’s academies and colleges throughout Colorado. He saw the world of crime both inside the walls and out on the streets. His final experiences in the criminal law field were with the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office, where for nearly two years he investigated felonies from the defense side of the Courtroom. Twenty-two years of observing human nature at its worst, combined with watching some profound changes in America’s culture and political institutions, provided plenty of material for his first three books. A self-published author, he just finished writing his tenth thriller.
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One Response to Same Ol’ Same Ol’ Or Perhaps We Had Better Try Something Different….

  1. James Clark says:

    I dont want a Bush or a Clinton. How about Paul Ryan/Mark Rubio…or a Ben Carson/Lou Dobbs or Trey Gowdy! I would recommend myself as Sec of Education….then announce we are disbanding this worthless organization. Then ask to be appointed to the V A. I would pull an Abraham Lincoln…use Amtrak with my henchmen and go around the country doing an Inspector General inspection of all V A.. Hire a bunch of attention to detail U S former Marines to do these inspections..Put a sign on HQ in Washington….WILL RETURN WHEN THE CORRUPTION IS CLEANED UP!!Semper Fi,Jim

    Date: Mon, 5 Jan 2015 19:08:12 +0000 To:

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