Should Europe’s Jews Now Move To Israel?


There’s a report in yesterday’s which should stand the hair up on the backs of all Americans’ necks.  I’ve pretty well given up on the Europeans.  The massive immigration of Islam onto the continent has gone past the tipping point and I believe it is only a matter of time until Europe is one massive Shariah-compliant state.

The institutionalized hatred of Jews is well-documented in Muslim literature and law.  Yes – it is true that Islam has been at war with the entire world of non-Muslims since 622 A.D.  However, the hatred of Judaism and its practitioners is particularly potent and concentrated.

Here’s the story.  On the afternoon of May 1,2015,  a mob of some forty people assaulted two Jewish people in their 20s in broad daylight, as they walked about on a Paris street.  From The Algemeiner:

Two Jewish residents of Paris were assaulted on the street by a gang of about 40 people on Friday, Israeli French JSS News reported on Friday.

The attack against the two Jewish residents, both in their 20s, occurred about 2:30 p.m. on Boulevard Voltaire in Paris’ 11 arrondissement, according to the report…

…The gang of attackers were associated with anti-Israel groups Gaza Firm and the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions campaign, said security personnel responsible for protecting the Jewish community….

The attackers were Muslims, practicing what they’ve been taught to do since the day they were born – and what all Muslims have been taught by their codified law since the 7th century.  Don’t believe me?  Read this book.  Or this one.  Read the Quran.

The attack marks the latest in a growing antisemitic trend in France and Europe as a whole. Earlier this year, Islamist gunmen seized a Kosher supermarket in Paris and killed four Jewish hostages. Just a few weeks later, a security guard was killed in Copenhagen when a lone gunman opened fire in front of the city’s Great Synagogue…

And why, after the horrors of World War II, is there again a growing antisemitic trend in France and in Europe as a whole?  The entire continent of Europe has, through careless, reckless, suicidal immigration policies, amassed more than fifty-million Muslims within its various borders.  Muslims who immigrate en masse to other countries do not assimilate into the host nations’ cultures.  They take over and destroy them, then install Shariah as the law of the land.  Anyone who believes that Western Civilization can coexist with Islam is delusional and ignores fourteen-hundred years of Muslim history.

…In 2006, a French Jew was kidnapped from his cell phone store from the same Boulevard Voltaire, tortured and ultimately killed.

We’ve been spoon-fed a huge, monstrous lie.  Islam is not a religion of peace.  Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Europe’s Jews should move to Israel.  Europe’s Jews should take heed of his advice.  Now.  Before it’s too late for them to escape.



About John L. Work

John Lloyd Work has taken the detective thriller genre and woven an occasional political thread throughout his books, morphing what was once considered an arena reserved for pure fiction into believable, terrifying, futuristic, true-to-life “faction”. He traveled the uniformed patrolman’s path, answering brutal domestic violence calls, high speed chases, homicides, suicides, armed robberies, breaking up bar fights, and the accompanying sporadic unpredictable moments of terror - which eventually come to all police officers, sometimes when least expected. He gradually absorbed the hard fact that the greatest danger a cop faces comes in the form of day-to-day encounters with emotionally disturbed, highly intoxicated people. Those experiences can wear a cop down, grinding on his own emotions and psyche. Prolonged exposure to the worst of people and people at their worst can soon make him believe that the world is a sewer. That police officer’s reality is a common thread throughout Work’s crime fiction books. Following his graduation from high school, Work studied music and became a professional performer, conductor and teacher. Life made a sudden, unexpected turn when, one afternoon in 1976, his cousin, who eventually became the Chief of the Ontario, California, Police Department, talked him into riding along during a patrol shift. The musician was hooked into becoming a police officer. After working for two years as a reserve officer in Southern California and in Boulder, Colorado, he joined the Longmont, Colorado Police Department. Work served there for seven years, investigating crimes as a patrolman, detective and patrol sergeant. In 1989 he joined the Adams County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office, where he soon learned that locking a criminal up inside a jail or prison does not put him out of business. As a sheriff’s detective he investigated hundreds of crimes, including eleven contract murder conspiracies which originated “inside the walls”. While serving on the Adams County North Metro Gang Task Force and as a member of the Colorado Security Threat Intelligence Network Group (STING), Work designed a seminar on how a criminal’s mind formulates his victim selection strategy. Over a period of six years he taught that class in sheriff’s academies and colleges throughout Colorado. He saw the world of crime both inside the walls and out on the streets. His final experiences in the criminal law field were with the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office, where for nearly two years he investigated felonies from the defense side of the Courtroom. Twenty-two years of observing human nature at its worst, combined with watching some profound changes in America’s culture and political institutions, provided plenty of material for his first three books. A self-published author, he just finished writing his tenth thriller.
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2 Responses to Should Europe’s Jews Now Move To Israel?

  1. James Clark says:

    Best to get OUT of Europe. Having lived in Europe for over 10 years in various places the sign of the Jihad Burqa is everywhere. I cannot go to work or come home without seeing some type of Muslim enclave of Islamic non conforming Arabs who dont want to work, just have babies and suck off the socialist govt tit of these Western European countries.

  2. John L. Work says:

    Thanks for reading, Captain Clark. You are right there living with it. Take good care.

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