Belgium Locks Down – How Near Is Europe’s Complete Surrender To Islam?

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Photo: AFP/Getty Images

With thanks to The Daily Caller via Drudge, the Jerusalem Post reports that the Chief Rabbi of Brussels, Belgium has announced that there is “no future for Jews in Europe.”  This follows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement last February that encouraged Europe’s Jews to leave en masse and move to Israel.

The Grand Square in the City of Brussels (photo above) is deserted.  The entire nation of Belgium has been locked down for days on end while police and military personnel search for one jihadi who was involved in the November 13 attack in Paris.  Islam’s ongoing invasion and the accompanying siege of the entire continent of Europe are understandably having their effects on European Jews.

Here’s the November 23 column from the Jerusalem Post:

In the shadow of the Paris terror attacks that killed 130 people and as Belgian police sweep the country for terror suspects, the Chief Rabbi of Brussels said Monday that there is no future for Jews in Europe.

Rabbi Avraham Gigi spoke to Israeli radio station 103 FM about the atmosphere of fear in the Belgian capital that has been in a state of near lockdown for the past three days.

“There is a sense of fear in the streets, the Belgians understand that they too are targets of terror. Jews now pray in their homes [as opposed to at synagogues] and some of them are planning on emigrating,” Gigi said.

“Since Shabbat the city has been paralyzed. The synagogues were closed, something which has not happened since World War Two. People are praying alone or are holding small minyanim [small prayer groups] at private homes. Schools and theaters are closed as are most large stores and public events are not permitted. We live in fear and wait for instructions from the police or the government,” he said.

Yes.  They await instructions from a government which, along with the governments of other nations in the Old World, opened its arms and collective wallets in invitation to an ideology which is dedicated entirely to the destruction of Western Civilization..

Gigi gave a breakdown of the Belgian Jewish population which he said numbered 50,000.

“There are 25,000 Jews in Brussels, 18,000 in Antwerp and the rest live in smaller places. There has been aliya to Israel as well as emigration to Canada and the US. People understand there is no future for Jews in Europe,” he said.

He added that economic conditions are also pushing young people to leave Belgium and move to Israel or to other places.

“I think making aliya [immigration] to Israel is an important thing for every Jew,” Gigi said.

“It is something that Jews in every generation yearned for. But Jews should not make aliya out of fear because this will result in a poor absorption experience as a feeling that something was left behind will always remain. People should make aliya out of a love for Israel,” the rabbi said.

Here’s the problem.  Jews comprise a very small minority of Europe’s population.  Israel can assimilate their numbers if they take heed of Netanyahu’s advice and make the exodus.  What is to become of the rest of the population?

It’s getting late in the game.  By virtue of weak, doctrinally-ignorant politicians, Islam is now very deeply and broadly entrenched in Europe’s culture.  How long will it be until the EU grows weary of trying to fight off the inevitable repetitious, unrelenting episodes of Muslim violence – the killing, the bloodshed, the suffering, the grieving – and decides to throw in its cards – to surrender?

And then there is the one last bastion of liberty – The  United States of America.

Barack Obama

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4 Responses to Belgium Locks Down – How Near Is Europe’s Complete Surrender To Islam?

  1. It is horrifying to think things have come to this. I am in London currently. Depressingly, my flight to London consisted of many Muslim families, with young children. The only white people were old. Europe is headed for suicide

  2. My country in the future can only look to the USA, as we are uncertain as to the future of nato as well as western Europes ability to retain democratic principles.

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