The Move To STOP TRUMP – Legalize Illegals And Grant Citizenship – A Whole New Class Of (Democrat) Voters

flagOne of the main ideas of Ann Coulter’s book Adios, America! The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole  is that the political left in the USA long ago gave up on trying to win ideological arguments against traditional America – and began working diligently to change the demographics of the voting public by importing hordes of impoverished Third Worlders who will vote for the Democrat Party.  Coulter and precious few others with some remnant of intellectual clarity see exactly what’s coming down the tracks.  Coulter points to the 1965 Hart-Celler Act, rammed through Congress by the late senator Ted Kennedy and signed into law by President Lyndon Johnson, as the fork in the trail which has led us to this terrible moment in our history.

Here’s a big lie:  We are somehow to believe that there are only eleven or twelve million illegals now living inside the United States.  That repeatedly promulgated number has remained constant in news broadcasts and political ads boosting one candidate or another for years upon years.  Yet, we know that thousands upon thousands of illegals continue to pour across the border every month.  The number was supposedly eleven million in 2008 when George W. Bush tried to ram an amnesty down our throats.  The U.S. Border Patrol is completely overwhelmed by the numbers of invaders and handcuffed by orders from Barack Obama, who obstinately refuses to enforce our immigration laws.

If you follow Ann Coulter’s mathematical extrapolations, the real number of illegals permanently living here is closer to thirty million – or more.  And that doesn’t account for the numbers of immigrants from the World of Islam who are also flooding into our nation – by the tens of thousands.

The Washington Post published a report this morning, detailing efforts currently underway to keep this show moving along and get these people legalized – for citizenship and to register them as voters.  Here’s a part of the WashPo report:

(Bloomberg) — Mexico is mounting an unprecedented effort to turn its permanent residents in the U.S. into citizens, a status that would enable them to vote — presumably against Donald Trump.

Officially, Mexico says it respects U.S. sovereignty and has no strategy to influence the result of the presidential race. Yet Mexican diplomats are mobilizing for the first time to assist immigrants in gaining U.S. citizenship, hosting free workshops on naturalization.

“This is a historic moment where the Mexican consulate will open its doors to carry out these types of events in favor of the Mexican community,” Adrian Sosa, a spokesman for the consulate in Chicago, said before an event on March 19. In Dallas, about 250 permanent residents attended the consulate’s first “citizenship clinic” in February and another 150 in its second in March. In Las Vegas, the turnout topped 500.

Underscoring the fine line that separates participation from interfering in another country’s election, Sosa noted that the consulate only hosts the event but it’s community organizations who offer the advice.

Mexico may have the most at stake but it’s not alone among U.S. allies bewildered by — and worried about — the reality-television star’s success in the Republican primaries. Trump, who launched his campaign with invective directed at Mexico and a promise to build a border wall (with a “big beautiful door”), identified himself last week as his own top foreign-policy adviser…

Bewildered.  Bewildered. Everyone is bewildered by Donald Trump’s appeal.

It’s absolutely amazing how out of touch with real America the political and media classes have become.  That includes media pundits on the left and on the faux right.  They are just dumbfounded and completely at a loss to explain why so many Americans are supporting Donald Trump.  Why is everyone so damned angry with status quo, they ask?  You see, we’re all supposed to buy into this one-world, no borders, Third World lifestyle Utopian dream which the ultra-rich and the majority of the political class have in mind for us, who struggle to pay the rent and put food on the table.  Our situation is incomprehensible to the elite wealthy and the political class.  They just don’t have problems like that.

Americans lost their jobs, their homes, their savings, and their medical insurance, while the country’s industrial base was shipped to Third World nations.  The illegals who crashed our borders get all the freebies, compliments of the U.S. government’s largesse.

And we’re just supposed to go along with it.

Or, perhaps those politicians and media moguls are not so out of touch.  Perhaps the political left and right are just determined to ram the one-world Utopia down our throats, traditional America and Donald Trump be damned.

Read the entire WashPo report, if you can stand it.

If Donald Trump wins the Republican nomination, and that is still a big IF (there’s a plan in the works to derail him at the GOP convention), I will not be at all surprised to see Barack Obama grant a blanket amnesty via an executive order, and confer citizenship on all illegals – in time for them to vote in the 2016 election.  That would pretty well seal the deal.  Nothing this man does surprises me.  And there is not a Republican in Congress who will lift a finger to stop him.  Why do I say that?  Because no one in Congress has ever lifted a finger to stop anything Barack Obama wants to do.

The “fundamental transformation” is nearly complete.

About John L. Work

John Lloyd Work has taken the detective thriller genre and woven an occasional political thread throughout his books, morphing what was once considered an arena reserved for pure fiction into believable, terrifying, futuristic, true-to-life “faction”. He traveled the uniformed patrolman’s path, answering brutal domestic violence calls, high speed chases, homicides, suicides, armed robberies, breaking up bar fights, and the accompanying sporadic unpredictable moments of terror - which eventually come to all police officers, sometimes when least expected. He gradually absorbed the hard fact that the greatest danger a cop faces comes in the form of day-to-day encounters with emotionally disturbed, highly intoxicated people. Those experiences can wear a cop down, grinding on his own emotions and psyche. Prolonged exposure to the worst of people and people at their worst can soon make him believe that the world is a sewer. That police officer’s reality is a common thread throughout Work’s crime fiction books. Following his graduation from high school, Work studied music and became a professional performer, conductor and teacher. Life made a sudden, unexpected turn when, one afternoon in 1976, his cousin, who eventually became the Chief of the Ontario, California, Police Department, talked him into riding along during a patrol shift. The musician was hooked into becoming a police officer. After working for two years as a reserve officer in Southern California and in Boulder, Colorado, he joined the Longmont, Colorado Police Department. Work served there for seven years, investigating crimes as a patrolman, detective and patrol sergeant. In 1989 he joined the Adams County, Colorado Sheriff’s Office, where he soon learned that locking a criminal up inside a jail or prison does not put him out of business. As a sheriff’s detective he investigated hundreds of crimes, including eleven contract murder conspiracies which originated “inside the walls”. While serving on the Adams County North Metro Gang Task Force and as a member of the Colorado Security Threat Intelligence Network Group (STING), Work designed a seminar on how a criminal’s mind formulates his victim selection strategy. Over a period of six years he taught that class in sheriff’s academies and colleges throughout Colorado. He saw the world of crime both inside the walls and out on the streets. His final experiences in the criminal law field were with the Colorado State Public Defender’s Office, where for nearly two years he investigated felonies from the defense side of the Courtroom. Twenty-two years of observing human nature at its worst, combined with watching some profound changes in America’s culture and political institutions, provided plenty of material for his first three books. A self-published author, he just finished writing his tenth thriller.
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3 Responses to The Move To STOP TRUMP – Legalize Illegals And Grant Citizenship – A Whole New Class Of (Democrat) Voters

  1. Mitch Wise says:

    John, this is well written and could hardly be more true. Yet if one remembers growing up in OC in the 60’s the Hispanic vote was conservative. They came to work, and become contributing parts of the culture. I remember working at Carat with several hispanic guys who were as conservative as any of us. Since Johnson we have gone downhill and it is accelerating.

  2. Mitchel Wise says:

    John, Not certain if my remarks are getting back to you, but this is very well written and states the truth in very simple facts. Keep up the blog. mitch >

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