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Vertigo-Inducing State Department New-Speak

In 2001 al Qaida destroys the World Trade Center, hits the Pentagon, and kills nearly three thousand Americans. Al Qaida is bad.  Islam, we are told, is good.

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Jimmy Kimmel Hits The Streets For A Kim Jong Un Congrats Session

Hat tip to Penny for the link.

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Dying People And Dying Nations Are Gruesome Sights

As a law enforcement officer I watched my share of mortally wounded human beings breathe their last desperate, reflexive gasps – struggling to stay alive.  Those images are forever in my memory.  I wish I could forget them.  People do … Continue reading

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Mr. Obama Tells Kenyan Prez How To Conduct Business – Then Trashes His Own Treatment In America

Sorry if I got lost here.  I could swear that Barack Hussein Obama has been the elected leader of the United States of America for nearly seven full years now.  Did he not have every possible privilege life has to … Continue reading

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The West’s Grandiose Delusions About Islam – Middle East Mess Is Not All Barack Obama’s Fault

My friend Diana West and talk-show host Sam Sorbo discuss the abject failure of the Iraq war and, beyond that, the folly of trying to impose Western style democracy on Islamic nations.

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Euros Kill And Arrest Jihadis – Obama Sends Terror Reinforcements From Gitmo

Fear not, jihadis.  Not to worry that the Euro-cops are killing and arresting your soldiers.  Help is on your way from Gitmo, compliments of America’s CIC.  Replacements.  Reinforcements.  Assistance.  Take heart.

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Palin’s Orwellian Call For Primary Challenges Against Incumbent RINOs

                                                     About Face (Photo:  I know I’m becoming a Lone Ranger here.  I’m taking on the Sacred Cow (R).  However, Sarah Palin is now on record calling for 2014 primary challenges against Republican incumbents who won’t resist Barack Obama’s grand … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: My Fourth Political Thriller

Foreword by the author On January 20, 2013 best-seller author and investigative journalist Jerome Corsi published an alarming column at World Net Daily.  The title of the essay was “China Poised To Play Debt Card – For U.S. Land”.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Cutting Through Islam’s Big Lie in Egypt – And Elsewhere

Matt Drudge usually takes Saturdays off from posting the news.  Ergo I was surprised to find a Reuters report on his site this morning, relating the slaughter of some 57 Egyptian pro-Morsi Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in Cairo – killed by … Continue reading

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American Media Reports Omit Anti-Obama Rage In Cairo

(Photo on the banner:  Ambassador Anne Patterson) With thanks to Drudge, here’s a link to Doug Ross, who posted fifteen revealing photos about what really happened in Cairo.  He astutely observes that the American media are “curiously” avoiding the depiction … Continue reading

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