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A Few Words From Allen West

With thanks to Penny, here’s a voice we haven’t heard for some time.  Lt. Colonel Allen West, U.S. Army Infantry (Retired) and a former Congressman from Florida.

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Allen West: Arab Spring Applauded By Obama Administration Is Now A Disaster

Over at Andrew Bostom’s site, there’s an essay and commentary on Florida Congressman Allen West’s recent astute observation:

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Laura Ingraham Gives Charles Rangel A Boxing Lesson

The issues at hand were President Obama’s fiscal policies and whether or not they have helped or hurt the economics of the inner cities and the African American population.  New York Democrat Congressman Charles Rangel walked into a mugging by Laura … Continue reading

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Allen West’s Response To CAIR’s Surrender Demand: NUTS! – No One Gets It

The abject lack of knowledge among my many high school driver ed students about much of anything beyond some current mindless pop culture events is depression-inducing.  Of course, they’re not absorbing anything about history in their regular classes, except for a … Continue reading

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Orwell’s Lexicon In Action: Pakistan’s Government Angry At Mullen Over Suborning Murder Allegation

In another indication of deteriorating and ill-advised relations between Pakistan’s government and the United States, the foreign minister Firdous Ashiq Awan accused Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Admiral Mike Mullen of being out of line when he stated that the … Continue reading

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Allen West On U.S. Mission In Libya: What Is It?

Any time Allen West talks about military affairs or the War, we should pay attention to what he says.  Here’s a link to a CNS report (via Michael Savage) on the Florida freshman Congressman’s latest take on our disastrously ill-advised involvement in … Continue reading

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Diana West Publishes A Reader’s Question About Islam

Over at DianaWest.net, today one of her readers asked a question with regard to an AP report about the Muslim who shot and killed two American Airmen in Frankfurt, Germany on Wednesday –  noting that he became “radicalized” in the … Continue reading

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Congressman Allen West On CBN – An Interview Worth Your Time

With thanks to Vlad Tepes. Go here for an interview with Allen West, the first breath of fresh air to hit Congress in I don’t know how long: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3LMX7gAuwM&feature=player_embedded

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Allen West Changes His Position On Muslim Doctrine And Mainstream Islam – The Heat Is On

The immense pressure of Stealth Jihad has claimed another victim.  Over at DianaWest.net, today there is a most discouraging post about Congressman Allen West’s morphing position on the dangers of mainstream Muslim doctrine, from which he has apparently surrendered and joined … Continue reading

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Allen West Says He’s Not Lowering His Voice

With thanks to Michael Savage  Newly-elected Florida Republican Congressman Allen West says he’s not going to quiet down anytime soon.  This is one member of our legislative branch who actually has a grip on what we’re facing with the world-wide … Continue reading

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