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Gingrich Endorses Diana West’s AMERICAN BETRAYAL On Hannity

With thanks to Andrew Bostom for uploading the YouTube version of this segment, here’s former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich on the April 17th Fox News Sean Hannity show.  This is not the first time Gingrich gave … Continue reading

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Who I$ Financing The NRO/Cap$haw A$$ault On Diana West’s Reputation?

Libel    1.  Any written or printed statement, or any sign, picture, or effigy, not made in the public interest, tending to expose a person to public ridicule or contempt, or to injure his reputation in any way. Libeling    2.  … Continue reading

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William F. Buckley, Jr.’s National Review In A Terrible State Of Disrepair

I can remember my mother, a political conservative’s conservative, watching William F. Buckely, Jr. (1925-2008) on television.  His show was called Firing Line.  Most of the time I had no idea what he was talking about.  What did I know … Continue reading

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National Review’s Ron Capshaw Fires Yet Another Salvo Of Lies At Diana West (Corrected)

Scroll to bottom for correction. Ron Capshaw at The National Review is at it again with another vicious attack on Diana West’s book, American Betrayal.  With rather obvious malice, Capshaw joins Ronald Radosh’s original assault not only on the book, … Continue reading

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Ron Capshaw Brays In Another Attack On Diana West’s Book – AMERICAN BETRAYAL

What, oh, what are we to do with people who publish misrepresentations (lies) and smear as facts?  Ah, my patience is taxed to the max, again – this time from reading Ron Capshaw’s critique of a Rick Perlstein essay at … Continue reading

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Announcing: Diana West’s THE REBUTTAL

Diana West’s answer to the astonishing attack on her book American Betrayal, initiated by David Horowitz and Ronald Radosh, is now available as an ebook and in print.  I’m honored and humbled to be included among the many authors who … Continue reading

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Historian M. Stanton Evans Steps Up To The Plate – Defends AMERICAN BETRAYAL

http://cnsnews.com/commentary/m-stanton-evans/defense-diana-west IN DEFENSE OF DIANA WEST September 13, 2013 By M. Stanton Evans Out of the public eye and far from the daily headlines, a fierce verbal battle is currently being waged about the course of American policy in the … Continue reading

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Diana West Battles The Book Burners – THE REBUTTAL

American Betrayal, Diana West’s new best seller, turns our nation’s traditional notion of pre WWII and post WWII history upside down.  The hard forensic (documentary) evidence she presents incited, or rather ignited, a vitriolic, vicious, mendacious, ad hominem shotgun blast from the likes of former revolutionary … Continue reading

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Gates Of Vienna And Vlad Tepes Weigh In On Diana West’s Historic Lecture At Ahavath Torah

With thanks to Dr. Andy Bostom, here’s a link to a fine essay on Diana West’s Thursday evening appearance at Ahavath Torah in Stoughton, MA, by one of the great American counter-jihad bloggers, Baron Bodissey, over at http://www.GatesofVienna.net; and a … Continue reading

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5 Star Review For Diana West’s AMERICAN BETRAYAL

Outrage. Disgust. This is a sickening book. So, who was the bigger monster – Adolph Hitler or Josef Stalin? Well, there’s an answer to that question. And a lot of Americans don’t know it. Two horrible regimes, both led by … Continue reading

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