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Ann Coulter: Pointless Wars Destroy Presidents And Don’t Help The Nations Which Host The Wars

Like I, arch-conservative author Ann Coulter does not see how getting involved in another Middle Eastern civil war (Syria) is going to do anything positive for the United States.  She made these comments when questioned by Tucker Carlson on Fox … Continue reading

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Trump Invokes A False Premise – And Displays His Misunderstanding Of America’s History

The last straw for breaking my novel-writing hiatus from this blog appeared today in the Drudge Report headlines.  President Donald Trump claimed via the Twitter social media engine that during the 2016 presidential campaign former President Barack Obama arranged for … Continue reading

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Ann Coulter Talks To BBC About Immigration And Trump’s Prognosis

And the interviewer doesn’t particularly care for her positions.  In fact, I have yet to hear an interview with Ann Coulter where she got pitched softball questions.

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Ann Coulter Wants Nikki Haley Deported – And She’s Not Kidding

Ann Coulter spoke today on John Gibson’s radio program.  He gave her a chance to walk back her statement that if elected,  President Donald Trump should deport South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley.

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Intercontinental Invasions – Pro-Immigration Politicos Ram It Down Our Throats With Similar Words

The transformation of our country has been a deliberate, methodical process, carefully hidden from the public.     (ANN COULTER – September 23, 2015) Tell me truthfully that the above map from the Washington Post does not look like a massive military … Continue reading

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Yes.  Relentless.  Give us more.  More.  More.  More illegal immigration from the Third World.  It’s good for us.  Just like it’s good for Europe.  The Europeans love it.  It’s the humanitarian thing to do (to Americans).

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The Rhetoric Devolves – GOP Consultant Rick Wilson Labels Ann Coulter A Prostitute

Over at her website today, my friend Diana West published an essay on an issue with which I never thought she’d have to deal.  With the growing public support for Donald Trump’s detailed plan to deal with our nation’s life-threatening … Continue reading

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Dying People And Dying Nations Are Gruesome Sights

As a law enforcement officer I watched my share of mortally wounded human beings breathe their last desperate, reflexive gasps – struggling to stay alive.  Those images are forever in my memory.  I wish I could forget them.  People do … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ann Coulter’s ¡ADIOS, AMERICA! – The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole

Adios America! is a wonderful opus.  You can see and buy the book at Amazon by clicking here.  Here’s my review:

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Why Is Everyone So Angry At Donald Trump?

Author and talk show host Mark Levin has said many times that John McCain’s record as a politician is an “unmitigated disaster.”  I agree.  You can read my comments about Mr. McCain by clicking here.  And here.  And here.  And … Continue reading

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