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When Hitler Spoke Of Eradicating Jews – He Was Just Mouthing Off And Didn’t Really Mean It – Wait

” … if international Jewish financiers inside and outside Europe again succeed in plunging the nations into a world war, the result will not be the Bolshevization of the earth and with it the victory of Jewry, but the annihilation … Continue reading

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Who Invented The Yellow Star For Identifying Jews? (Hint: It Wasn’t The Nazis) UPDATED

Thanks to Gates of Vienna for the link to this entertaining and informative “Daily Sunny” video.  Sunny’s claim that the WWII era Nazis did not invent the idea to require Jews to wear a yellow identification star is true.  Sunny’s … Continue reading

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Johannes Von Leers – WWII Nazi Who Converted To Islam

Andrew Bostom‘s recent essay on Johannes Von Leers (1902-1965), a Nazi S.S.  Officer who converted to Islam under the auspices of Hajj Amin El-Husseini (the pogrom-engineering Grand Mufti of Palestine), evokes the brilliant Alyssa A. Lappen’s question: Who learned what … Continue reading

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Palestinian Dean Of Quranic Studies Says: Kill Jewish Women and Children

Today’s lesson in higher learning and Cultural Enrichment (to use Gates Of Vienna‘s term for the ongoing worldwide Islamization) comes from Dr. Subhi Al-Yasiji, who is the Dean of Quranic Studies at the Islamic University of Gaza.

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Andrew Bostom At Dispatch International: Grand Mufti’s Alliance With WWII Germany Was Based On Islam – Not Nazism

Grand Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini with Muslim volunteers in Hitler’s Army (Photo: Dispatch International) Andrew Bostom, M.D. recently published an excellent essay on the WWII era alliance between Islam and Hitler’s Nazi Germany.  Bostom dispels the notion, still embraced by some rather prominent … Continue reading

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Andrew G. Bostom: Islam’s Alliance – Mufti Hajj Amin el-Husseini And Hitler’s Reich

                                              (Photo: Thanks to Andrew Bostom) I’m fortunate and grateful to count among my friends Dr. Andrew Bostom, for whom one can make a very strong case as the world’s most knowledgeable expert in Islam’s history of anti-Semitism.  His historical … Continue reading

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Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra Performance Disrupted By Anti-Israel Demonstration – Inside Royal Albert Hall

The photo above was taken during the night of September 1, 2011, when the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra’s concert at London’s Royal Albert Hall, conducted by maestro Zubin Mehta, was interrupted by an anti-Israel protest.  The BBC cut from the performance’s live … Continue reading

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