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Talking To A Wall? Arpaio’s Finale On Obama’s Great Fraud

Goodness knows we’ve had more than our fair share of deceit, sleights of hand, Three Card Monty, and much more played upon us by the occupants of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during the past twenty-eight years.  That takes us clear back … Continue reading

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Big Shots

Look at these lower forms of life, Scott Foval and Bob Creamer.  Listen to them.

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Mr. Obama Lied – It’s Just What Regular Marxists Do

I wrote very little about Hillary Clinton’s email server problem.  It’s a dead horse.  It was an abject waste of media time and effort.  She’s off the hook, thanks to FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Yes, … Continue reading

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More Air Strikes Coming As Obama Steers USA Closer To All-Out Armed Conflict With Russia

This is the peace maker.  This is The One whose election would cause the levels of the rising oceans and global warming to subside.  This is the great uniter of nations and races.

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What The Charlotte Violence Is Really About – Riot First And Don’t Ask Questions Later

Another fatal shooting of a black citizen in Charlotte, North Carolina, this time by a black police officer whose chief of police is also a black man, sets a now-normalized cycle of violence into motion.  The mob becomes infused with … Continue reading

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A Little Q & A With Some Help From Gates Of Vienna

(Photo: Gates of Vienna) Q:  How could America have done this to herself?

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If FDR Had Changed Sides In 1942 – Would Anyone Have Noticed?

A remarkable event in America’s history occurred just a few months past.  The President of the United States came about, to use a nautical term, and suddenly deployed U.S. military support to the Libyan contingent of al Qaida’s jihadis.  They … Continue reading

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Guess Who

(Photos thanks to Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly/DailyMail via Drudge)

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Vetting Ten-Thousand Syrian “Refugees”? Your Department Of Homeland Security Is Lying To You

DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson and cohorts under the Department of Homeland Security dodge answer questions from Representative Lamar Smith about the probabilities of successfully screening hundreds of Syrian males who are legally entering this country every week.  The Obama administration’s … Continue reading

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