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Straight Talk About Jihad On Bulgarian TV As Trump Picks A COINdinista For Sec-Def

I seriously doubt that we will soon see anything like this on American television.  It’s refreshing to hear and watch the clarity of understanding within this discussion group  about what’s going to happen soon in Europe.  (Thanks to Gates of … Continue reading

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America’s High School Girls’ Athletic Teams Are Now Recruiting Ground For Marines’ Cannon Fodder

USMC Commandant Robert Neller In continuing a movement begun by George W. Bush during his second term in office, Barack Obama and his Marxist minions have purged our true warriors from the upper ranks of America’s military forces and stocked … Continue reading

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David Petraeus: A Traitor For All Seasons

What I thought of David Petraeus in July of 2011: A few months back I published a post on General David Petraeus and his dastardly COIN operation that is getting American and British troops killed – because they’re not allowed … Continue reading

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Bostom Weighs In On General John Allen’s Defense Of Afghanistan Culture: Child Abuse, Torturing Dogs, Raping Young Boys – And Murdering U.S. Troops

Fortunately, there are men and women with much better command of the English language and more moderate temperament than I have.  Dr. Andrew Bostom presents an excellent essay, to accompany Diana West’s latest, on U.S.M.C. General John Allen’s sickening explanation … Continue reading

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General John Allen Is Full Of Shit

Here we go again.  With all the filth being thrown about during what promises to be the dirtiest (and most pivotal) Presidential campaign in U.S. history, I’ve been trying to distance myself from all of it.  I need a break.  I … Continue reading

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General John Allen, USMC, Supreme Commander In Afghanistan, Makes Me Nauseous

According to General John Allen, since 2007 no less than 52 American military personnel have been killed in Afghanistan by so called “green on blue” attacks.  That is to say that Afghanistan’s security forces, police or military, turned their guns … Continue reading

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Ten Years Later: Afghanistan’s Soldiers Sit And Watch As Americans Fight Off Taliban Assaults

So, once again, someone tell me:  what exactly is David Petraeus’ Counter-Insurgency (COIN) strategy accomplishing toward winning Barack Obama’s War Afghanistan?  If you can get through the entire 288 pages of that COIN manual without taking a headache break, you’ve a lot more stamina than … Continue reading

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COIN Foot Patrols In Afghanistan Bear Fruit – More American Limbs And Genitals Blown Off By IEDs

CIA Director General David Petraeus’ Counter-Insurgency (COIN) strategy has added a new dimension to the war in Afghanistan.  Where troops initially rode on patrols in armored vehicles, they are now sent out on foot patrols among the local inhabitants.  Petraeus’ COIN idea was that this … Continue reading

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Diana West Brings COP Margah In Afghanistan To Light

I’m re-publishing this post from Diana West, which exposes some little-known (or should I say largely unknown) information on some ill-advised (COIN-serving) and beyond-hazardous situations in which the lives of our troops are foolishly being risked in Afghanistan: Is COP Margah Another … Continue reading

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COIN Strategy Takes Us Ten Years Into Afghanistan War – For This?

Imagine, if you can, a meeting of a group of state governors here in the U.S.A., within a supposedly secured compound.  Someone from within the circle of security leaks news of the conference to members of the American Taliban – … Continue reading

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