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House Democrats Shut Down Constitution With A Sit-In: Demand Floor Vote To Nullify 2nd Amendment

This is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party.  This Democrat party has been hijacked by the Communist Party USA.  Mob tactics became the method du jour, with Congressman John Lewis leading other Representatives in an anti-2nd Amendment  sit-in yesterday on the … Continue reading

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Andrew Bostom: Rubio – Cruz – Paul – Not Worthy Of The Oval Office

Writing in the February 4th edition of WorldNetDaily.com, historian Andrew Bostom, M.D. presents us some very hard truth: Three of the GOP contenders for the 2016 presidential nomination looked the other way when the Constitution’s Senatorial Advice and Consent responsibility … Continue reading

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Trump Correct – Cruz Held Dual American/Canadian Citizenship Until May 2014

Thanks to Andrew Bostom and CNN for the links.  What it will ultimately mean is anyone’s guess.

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With thanks to Andrew Bostom: Donald J. Trump Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump Ted Cruz was born in Canada and was a Canadian citizen until 15 months ago. Lawsuits have just been filed with more to follow. I told you so Retweets … Continue reading

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Diana West And Sam Sorbo Discuss Cruz’s Natural Born Citizen Issue

Do we care at all what the Framers of the Constitution intended for this issue of Natural Born Citizenship, as it relates to whether or not Senator Ted Cruz is Constitutionally eligible or ineligible to be President?  The entire discussion … Continue reading

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What The Constitution’s Framers Did Not Envision – Metastatic Islam

In the wake of the Friday, November 13 jihad attacks in Paris, France, an intellectual alarm has gone off in parts of the civilized world – sort of.  I say sort of, because there still seem to be just as … Continue reading

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Repeal Bill Of Rights – Yea Or Nay?

Thumbs up or thumbs down for the Bill Of Rights?  This leaves me nearly speechless.  Mark Dice asks the question.  Americans give him their opinions.  Yes, these people can actually vote.

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What Will Follow The Eradication Of Symbols Of American Civil War History?

Diana West just published another brilliant essay on the coming removal of all remnants of American History which will include flags, monuments, statues, portraits and other memorabilia of America’s War Between The States.  Personally, I think we’re only seeing the … Continue reading

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Palin’s Orwellian Call For Primary Challenges Against Incumbent RINOs

                                                     About Face (Photo: Breitbart.com)  I know I’m becoming a Lone Ranger here.  I’m taking on the Sacred Cow (R).  However, Sarah Palin is now on record calling for 2014 primary challenges against Republican incumbents who won’t resist Barack Obama’s grand … Continue reading

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Obama KOs Senate Repubs On Debt Ceiling And Govt Control Of Health Care – Next Is The Amnesty

We knew this was coming.  Just like a steam locomotive moving down the tracks. The Republican Party has been knocked out, flat on its back.  They’re all laying on the canvas, submissive and unresponsive.  Or maybe they just took a dive, so as … Continue reading

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