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A Danish Imam Lectures A Class Of Females On Apostasy, The Shariah And Stoning Adulterers

The religion of peace at work in Denmark, with thanks to PEGIDA Denmark for the translation, Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna.

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Lars Hedegaard Case: PEGIDA Leader Arrested For Wearing T-Shirt Depicting Accused Assassin’s Name

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the video and the interview with Tania.

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Danish TV Commentator Jeppe Juhl: Sweden Is Lost

Here is some very grim reality.  According to this brave man, the Swedish police have admittedly lost control of maintaining law and order in fifty-three major areas of that nation.  Those locales have become enclaves of Islam and Shariah, Muslim … Continue reading

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Tania Groth – Leader Of PEGIDA Denmark – Man Convicted For Comparing Islam’s Doctrine to Nazism

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Barack Obama – September 25, 2012

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From The Cultural Diversity Department – Major Muslim Disturbance Today In Copenhagen

So you’d like to be a cop, you say?  With thanks to Vlad Tepes and The Gateway Pundit, here’s some enlightening video of a major disturbance in Copenhagen after the Danish police arrested a Muslim man who allegedly discharged a … Continue reading

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Mark Steyn Speaks In Copenhagen As Europe Commits Suicide

With thanks to Europe News, here’s Mark Steyn speaking on September 26, 2015, at The Danish Muhammad Cartoon Crisis In Retrospect.  Present were historian Lars Hedegaard, who was the point blank target of a Muslim gunman, and Lars Vilks, a … Continue reading

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Breaking News: “Arabic-Looking” Gunman Attempts To Kill Lars Hedegaard In Denmark

From Diana West, a breaking story:   An “Arab”-looking assailant just tried to take the life of my dear friend and editor Lars Hedegaard today at his home in Denmark. The assailant fired shots and missed.

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Muslim Vigilantes Announce They’ll Enforce Sharia Law In Denmark

Over at Vlad Tepes there’s always a wealth of video reports to keep you informed as to what’s going on in the European Theater of Islam’s War Against The West. Here’s an interesting clip, with English subtitles for you non-Danish-speaking readers.  … Continue reading

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Turkey’s Demands Met: Islam-Disrespecting Danish Prime Minister Out Of Picture – NATO To Take Over Libyan Non-War

Last night I was homeward bound, driving on an Interstate Highway, when a radio news broadcast caught my ear.  The confusion, disarray and aimlessness of the new non-war front in Libya (the one that is now labeled Kinetic Military Action) has … Continue reading

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Denmark Falls Behind The Dark Curtain Of Sharia – Mark Well The Accused Man’s Words

Diana West has published the statement of Denmark’s Lars Hedegaard, president of the International Free Press Society, delivered at the end of his racism trial – during which he was accused of the crime of Insulting Islam.  Here is West’s background … Continue reading

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