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The Argument That Changed The Course Of World History – And Who Won It

        “We lost the argument.” So said my friend, author and historian Andrew G. Bostom, M.D.  He made that statement to me two days ago, during a rather serious telephone discussion about the ongoing Islamization of the … Continue reading

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What Have Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller And Other FBI Honchos Been Up To For The Past Decade?

With thanks to the great investigative work of Diana West and former FBI Agent John Guandolo, here is today’s lesson, prepared by mois,  in what is really going on at the top levels of America’s premier law enforcement agency.  If … Continue reading

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Gingrich Endorses Diana West’s AMERICAN BETRAYAL On Hannity

With thanks to Andrew Bostom for uploading the YouTube version of this segment, here’s former Speaker of the House of Representatives Newt Gingrich on the April 17th Fox News Sean Hannity show.  This is not the first time Gingrich gave … Continue reading

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Trump Invokes A False Premise – And Displays His Misunderstanding Of America’s History

The last straw for breaking my novel-writing hiatus from this blog appeared today in the Drudge Report headlines.  President Donald Trump claimed via the Twitter social media engine that during the 2016 presidential campaign former President Barack Obama arranged for … Continue reading

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Which Are The Bigoted Voices? The Speakers Or Those Who Would Silence Them?

You can decide.

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What The Charlotte Violence Is Really About – Riot First And Don’t Ask Questions Later

Another fatal shooting of a black citizen in Charlotte, North Carolina, this time by a black police officer whose chief of police is also a black man, sets a now-normalized cycle of violence into motion.  The mob becomes infused with … Continue reading

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UPDATE BRAZIL – Diana West, Allan Dos Santos And Jeff Nyquist: In-Depth Discussion Of HRC’s 1975 Rape Case

There are a few occasional audio problems during the segment.

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Diana West And Sam Sorbo: Hillary Clinton’s 1975 Defense Of A Rapist – The Victim Was 12 Years Old

With many thanks to Andrew Bostom for capturing and publishing the YouTube audio-link. It is more than worth noting that by the time Ms. Rodham (Clinton) received this case in 1975 she had already been fired from her job on … Continue reading

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Diana West With Lou Dobbs And Tony Sayegh: Hillary Clinton’s History

With thanks to Andrew Bostom for the video link.  There is more beneath the break.

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Why Are We Losing This War? Here’s A Clue From 2010 – Nothing Has Changed Since Then

Thanks to Diana West for this illuminating and very disturbing video.  Words to describe the willful blindness to Islam exhibited here, which was and is at work in the highest levels of our intelligence community, are not to be found … Continue reading

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