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Another Unsolved High-Profile Murder That Stinks To High Heaven

The abject corruption in America’s politics has metastasized into the upper ranks of law enforcement.  Anyone above the rank of Sergeant in any given police department is no longer a cop.  He is a pure politician.  I tell you that … Continue reading

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Moving Ever More Left – DNC Favors Muslim Keith Ellison For National Chair

The Hillary Clinton candidacy has been laid waste.  The recriminations have begun.  The Democrat Party is in convulsions.  Leftists who never in their worst nightmares could imagine that Donald Trump would win the election are in a state of abject … Continue reading

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Julian Assange Speaks To Spiegel Online: “If you are pushed you push back.”

It’s worth remembering that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is unable to freely leave the Ecuadoran embassy in London, where he has been secluded for four years.  If he does set foot outside that edifice the British police will arrest him … Continue reading

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DNC Ad Hijacks Bush’s Big Lie

Today’s lesson in Islamo-obfuscation comes to us via the Democrat National Committee, with great assistance from the Teller of the Big Lie, himself:  George W. Bush –  Islam is peace.

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