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Hip Hop Black America’s Profound Political Thinking: Fuck Donald Trump

During my twenty-plus years as a law enforcement officer  I became conflicted as to which of three entities posed the greatest threat to Western Civilization.  Anyway, here, with thanks to InfoWars via Drudge, we have what is the very highest … Continue reading

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I couldn’t stay away from this one.  The ladies lay it all out pretty clearly.

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Repeal Bill Of Rights – Yea Or Nay?

Thumbs up or thumbs down for the Bill Of Rights?  This leaves me nearly speechless.  Mark Dice asks the question.  Americans give him their opinions.  Yes, these people can actually vote.

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Cutting Through Islam’s Big Lie in Egypt – And Elsewhere

Matt Drudge usually takes Saturdays off from posting the news.  Ergo I was surprised to find a Reuters report on his site this morning, relating the slaughter of some 57 Egyptian pro-Morsi Muslim Brotherhood demonstrators in Cairo – killed by … Continue reading

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Liar, Liar, Pants On Fire

How many lies do Americans have to hear from Barack Obama’s White House before they wise up and fire this man next month?  Obama’s prevarications make Bill Clinton’s mendacity seem minor league, junior varsity, second string.  Say it however you like.  Barack Obama … Continue reading

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Cain’s Accuser Hides – Content To Let Press Corps And Lawyers Do Her Dirty Work

The more I read about this story, the angrier I’m getting.  With thanks to Drudge, from CNN comes another report.  Now the poor little woman who claims that Herman Cain harassed her in the 1990s says she’s “standing by her … Continue reading

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Occupy New York Goes Global – Western Civilization Should Beware The Whims Of The Masses

With thanks to Drudge for the link, London’s Financial Times has a story this morning which tells us that the New York uprising, or as Van Jones calls it, the American Autumn, is going global.  There are demonstrations scheduled for today in  “London, … Continue reading

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Former Obama Czar Van Jones Mobilizing An October Arab Spring For America

Thanks to Michael Savage for the link. Hang on to your hats.  That’s what Van Jones says.  An Arab Spring is coming to America and he’s helping to organize it for next month.  And it’s all about that darned Tea Party … Continue reading

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Another Crackdown In Egypt As Military (At Odds With Muslim Brotherhood, Perhaps?) Tries To Restore Order

Now, this ought to be interesting.  The Financial Times’ Heba Saleh reports that certain “authorities” (read that:  the ruling Supreme Mlitary Council) in Egypt have moved to expand existing emergency laws in an attempt to corral the spread of violence, end … Continue reading

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Cairo Mob Beats Israeli – Sacks Embassy – Israel’s Ambassador Leaves Egypt

There’s more bad news to add to last night’s story.  The Washington Times is reporting that late Friday evening, subsequent to the original assault, a group of Cairo’s finest returned to the Israeli embassy, broke into the building, dumped documents … Continue reading

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