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Marine Le Pen Squares Off With Yet Another Robotic BBC Leftist

The leader of the French political party Front National, Marine Le Pen, once again faces a BBC “journalist” who accuses her of holding onto ideas he obviously detests and believes to be terrible – such as stopping the ongoing flood … Continue reading

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EU Wants British Press To Divorce Terrorism From Islam

The prevailing mental condition is controlled insanity. Semantically things are getting worse, not better.  The more acts of violence committed by Muslims against non-Muslims these days, the harder the upper echelons of leftist politics dig in their heels and come … Continue reading

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Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban – A Truth-Telling Man On A Continent Of Nations Gone Mad

This is Europe’s last stand. With thanks to Vlad for the video link and subtitles.

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Vladimir Bukovsky Foretold The EU Collapse – Just As The Soviet Union Collapsed

Thanks to Detective Diana West for finding and providing a link to this excellent five minute video – Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky’s on-target comparisons between the old collapsed Soviet Union and today’s (collapsing?) European Union.  Mr. Bukovsky experienced the Soviet … Continue reading

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Cameron Resigns

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They’re OUT!

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Honoring Turkey’s Erdogan With a Song

Thanks to Postcards From Paris and Vlad Tepes for the very entertaining video.  It’s really quite a catchy tune with clever lyrics.  The object of derision is Turkey’s President or Prime Minister Tayip Precep Erdogan – who is by all … Continue reading

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