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Marine Le Pen Gives A French Journo More Than She Can handle

According to the vid.me site Vlad Tepes has apparently gotten into some sort of trouble with the YouTube people (perhaps truth in reporting?) and is not posting his videos there – at least until things cool down a bit.  I … Continue reading

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Presenting Yet Another French Politician Who Does Not Understand Islam

Francois Fillon demonstrates that he, too, is mired in the “radical” Islam is the problem idea.  Is there absolutely no hope that anyone in a position of political power anywhere will ever entertain an objective public examination of exactly what … Continue reading

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Mosques Proliferate In France – And In The USA

Today’s educational video comes to us from Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna. In 2011, writing at his website, the great Andrew Bostom reminded us of a quote which the jihadi Turk, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, sometimes uses in his … Continue reading

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The Trashing Of Paris

And still the hordes keep coming and coming and coming.  And the spineless men in charge of France have no clue what to do about it.  The most massive surrender in modern history is under way – even larger than … Continue reading

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Marine Le Pen Squares Off With Yet Another Robotic BBC Leftist

The leader of the French political party Front National, Marine Le Pen, once again faces a BBC “journalist” who accuses her of holding onto ideas he obviously detests and believes to be terrible – such as stopping the ongoing flood … Continue reading

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Whither Go The Inhabitants Of Calais’ Jungle Now?

Recently a friend who is more well-versed in current events than are most Americans asked me where the thousands of “refugees” who occupied the so-called  Jungle camp in Calais, France are going to be placed.  The camp has been razed.  … Continue reading

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The Dirty N Word In France Is “No-Go Zone”

Note to the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, who insists that police No-Go zones do not exist in France:

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France: Phillipe De Villiers Talks To A Journalistic Wall About France’s Islamization

Phillipe de Villiers was once a candidate to be France’s president.  He recently released a book titled Tomorrow Will the Bells Toll? The Truth About the History of the Islamization of France.  He is an eloquent, outspoken critic of the … Continue reading

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Are There Really Police No-Go Zones In France? Germany? America?

It depends on who is doing the speaking.  As we can discern from the above RT video report, “authorities” in the French (and German) governments are very good at giving brave assurances that the forces of law and order are … Continue reading

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The Dauntless, Incomparable, Magnificent Marine Le Pen

Thanks to Vlad and Oz-Rita for the video.

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