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Tania Groth – Leader Of PEGIDA Denmark – Man Convicted For Comparing Islam’s Doctrine to Nazism

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Barack Obama – September 25, 2012

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DOJ Phone Snooping Scandal – AP Journos Suddenly Forbidden To Talk To……….The Press?

What?  What did I just read in the left-wing Politico?  Rank and file members of the AP, genuine press card holders, bona fide journalists, whose phone records were surreptitiously collected by the Department of Justice, are not allowed to speak to other … Continue reading

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OUTRAGE! Lars Hedegaard Survives Assassination Attempt – Media Omit His 2012 Acquittal On Defamation Of Islam Charges

True to the pattern of Islam’s unbridled assault on Freedom of Speech round the world, earlier today an Arab-looking assassin posed as a delivery man and fired a handgun at Danish Publisher/Editor Lars Hedegaard when he answered the door.  Hedegaard (photo … Continue reading

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Obama’s FCC Honcho Genchowski Wants To Further Centralize News Outlets – Can You Spell P-r-a-v-d-a Or V-o-l-k-i-s-c-h-e-r B-e-o-b-a-c-h-t-e-r?

A few years back, in the early 2000s to be exact, my son was writing for a tiny monthly independent newspaper in Fort Collins, Colorado.  The tilt of the outlet was decidedly left, but nevertheless the paper was its own self-contained entity … Continue reading

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YouTube Baloney Shuts Down Vlad Tepes – Is It Because Of The Al-Shamikh Forum Fatwa?

I’ve frequently featured or linked to the Vlad Tepes counter-jihad website here on my blog.  I go to Vlad’s site because it is always a treasure-trove of information and videos about what’s really going on inside the World of Islam … Continue reading

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Julian Assange – Mephistopheles Or Messenger?

Here’s the direct link to Liberty Ink Journal magazine and my foreign policy column.  This month I wrote about the conflict between the obfuscating media-government cover-story drama over Wiki-Leaks shot-caller Julian Assange’s leak of thousands of secret diplomatic cables, and the material contained … Continue reading

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