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House Speaker Paul Ryan? How Did That Happen?

With thanks to my friend Diana West for the link, here’s a brief report from One America News which tells us how Congressman Paul Ryan (read that:  John Boehner version 2.0) garnered enough House votes to become Speaker of the … Continue reading

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Harry Reid Is No McCarthyite – That’s An Insult To Joe McCarthy – Reid Is A Lying Bastard

Senator Joseph McCarthy and the pejorative term which the political left created from his name came up again during a Dana Bash broadcast on CNN.  That term, McCarthyism, born out of immense lies both spoken and written about the man, … Continue reading

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Under The Radar: Harry Reid Pushes For Vote On DREAM Act

Via Drudge Report:  Here’s an interesting tidbit, in view of all of the increasingly hyperbolic media attention that Julian Assange is getting, including well-publicized calls for his execution – or just plain assassination.  Beneath all the smoke from the WikiLeaks … Continue reading

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