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Clinton Operative Kraushaar Changes Her Mind – Jumps On Media/Lawyer Dog Pile – Where Is The Truth? (UPDATE) – She Has A History

Better check out this link, thanks to The Blaze.  Ms. Kraushaar apparently has a history of filing sex harassment complaints against her employers. In fact, she went to her very next job after she left the National Restaurant Association and filed … Continue reading

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Cain’s Accuser Number 4 Describes A Sexual Assault – She Should Have Pressed Criminal Charges If It’s True (UPDATED)

Update:  Better check out this link for some background on this lady’s track record: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/veteran-anchor-bill-kurtis-says-bialek-was-former-cbs-employee-with-a-track-record-hers-and-cains-roles-may-even-have-been-reversed-in-car/ Having been a cop in Colorado for some 20 years, I was intrigued with what Sharon Bialek described regarding Herman Cain’s attempted sexual assault by … Continue reading

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Cain’s Accuser Hides – Content To Let Press Corps And Lawyers Do Her Dirty Work

The more I read about this story, the angrier I’m getting.  With thanks to Drudge, from CNN comes another report.  Now the poor little woman who claims that Herman Cain harassed her in the 1990s says she’s “standing by her … Continue reading

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Under The Radar: Al Qaida Flag Flies Over Libya

As soon as America’s press and television outlets drop everything to focus on something sensational, such as Herman Cain’s sexual harassment dilemma, I begin to suspect there’s something else going on that the White House-compliant major media smokescreen is covering.  And, sure enough, … Continue reading

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Wes Pruden Writes About The Media’s Hatchet Job On Herman Cain

I wish Wes Pruden would come out of retirement.  We need him now.  And I don’t care if you’re registered with either major political party.  He’s a straight shooting no-nonsense journalist.  He took some time to write an excellent opinion … Continue reading

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Herman Cain’s Dilemma: Press Corps Savages Him While His Un-Deposed Victims Hide In The Shadows

“A penis is a terrible thing.” Those words were spoken to me in the 1990s by a former fellow cop, in the wake of some sexual harasment or sexual assault report that was then under investigation.   I was a detective at the time.  I … Continue reading

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Gingrich, Santorum And Cain On The Record: Prosecuting The Muslim Brotherhood

With thanks to Andrew Bostom, here’s the link to a collection (via J. Mark Campbell) of recorded statements by Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain on their most recent positions regarding the investigation and/or prosecution of the organizational spawns of the Muslim Brotherhood, which now freely carry on … Continue reading

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Herman Cain’s Wobbly Stance On Appointing Muslims To The Bench Or Cabinet

I’m always looking for someone in the field of viable Presidential candidates who has even a bare smattering of knowledge about Islam, Shariah and the history of jihad.  We are, after all, locked in combat against the purveyors of Shariah – with … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Will Divide The GOP – By Jamming Rick Perry Down Our Throats

It’s already begun, ladies and gentlemen.  The big media are going to push another moderate (read that:  a leftist with an (R) behind his name) on us, like they did in 2008 with John McCain.  This morning at 5:00 my … Continue reading

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