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The Religion Of Peace Strikes Its Own People In Baghdad

Vlad Tepes brings us footage from the recent bombing in Iraq during the weekend.

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Surprise – New U.S. Military Uniform Patches Resemble ISIS/Muslim Brotherhood Logo

It’s come to this.  You didn’t believe we’re being Islamized?  With thanks to InfoWars.com below the break are the new uniform patch to be worn by United States Troops who are deployed in the Syrian Civil War (left), and the … Continue reading

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The West’s Grandiose Delusions About Islam – Middle East Mess Is Not All Barack Obama’s Fault

My friend Diana West and talk-show host Sam Sorbo discuss the abject failure of the Iraq war and, beyond that, the folly of trying to impose Western style democracy on Islamic nations.

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Should We Give CIA Director John Brennan Any Credence?

CIA Director John Brennan says that ISIS has been stopped in its tracks in Iraq and Syria.  Really, says I?  This is the same John Brennan who has been named by former FBI Agent and U.S. Marine John Guandolo as … Continue reading

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Wartime Journalism: Remember Geraldo Rivera’s 2003 Ejection From Iraq? UPDATE: YouTube Scrubs Video – Here’s Another

The Washington Post has several sideshow stories, one of them by Dan Lamothe, up today regarding NBC TV Anchor Brian Williams’ oft-repeated fabrication (lie) about being aboard a U.S. Army helicopter that was shot down in Iraq in 2003.  After … Continue reading

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The Endless War: Mona Charen Criticizes Obama – Defends Bush – All While Ignoring Islam’s History And Doctrine

One of the greatest columns I ever read was one published by Mona Charen (photo above) in the days following the September 11, 2001 Muslim terror attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.  Her opening line was, “What we need … Continue reading

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Civil War Re-Erupts In Iraq – Muslim Brotherhood Seizes Power In Egypt – D.C. Clueless

Really, it’s just enough to make one want to throw his hands into the air and hide somewhere.  The government of the new “free” Iraq has just ordered the shutdown of no less than 44 broadcasting outlets, in the wake … Continue reading

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UK Guardian Gets It – U.S. Troop Withdrawal From Iraq Is Not What It Seems

Actually, our troops’ exit from Iraq shouldn’t be happening, not because the United States military forces ought to remain forever, but because the entire idea of getting involved in a ground war within the World of Islam, a prolonged military occupation, and … Continue reading

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News Flash: Obama Bringing Troops Home From Iraq – Because They Want Us Gone

In case you haven’t been following the thirteen-centuries-old war between Shiite and Sunni Muslims, it’s still going on.  Iran is a Shiite nation.  Saudi Arabia is a Sunni nation.  Libya was a Sunni nation, until Ghadaffi’s demise.  Egypt was ruled … Continue reading

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Diana West: Here’s What’s Really Going On In Iraq

Hit this link for a great analysis over at WND by Diana West on the ugly truth about the net results of America’s blood and treasure sacrifices in Iraq.  And “ugly” may not be adequate to describe the situation.  But, then, words … Continue reading

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