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CNN’s Kate Bolduan Goes Into Near Hysteria On Former Navy SEAL Over Info Trump Gave To Russians

The American Press/Broadcast Media Corps has descended into a full frothing, rabid, insanity mode in its feral efforts to bring down the Donald Trump Presidency. Here’s what happened:

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Straight Talk About Jihad On Bulgarian TV As Trump Picks A COINdinista For Sec-Def

I seriously doubt that we will soon see anything like this on American television.  It’s refreshing to hear and watch the clarity of understanding within this discussion group  about what’s going to happen soon in Europe.  (Thanks to Gates of … Continue reading

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Anti-Terror Raids In Germany – Is It Better Late Than Never – Or Is It Too Little Too Late?

Most of this Islam-driven terrorism nastiness in Germany and Europe could have been avoided had the U.S. government not actively participated in the toppling of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Moammar Ghadaffi in Libya – and in the ongoing strife against … Continue reading

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Meanwhile Back In London: Julian Assange Says Donald Trump Will Not Be Permitted To Win The Election

And beyond that, Hillary Clinton is heavily funded by the Saudi/Qatar governments – which also provide funding to ISIS.

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Obama Assures Us Following The Brussels Horror

No.  ISLAM is an existential threat to Western Civilization.

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Tommy DiMassimo’s Declaration To The World

Here’s a very nice, innocent, noble explanation from nice guy Tommy DiMassimo to a very sympathetic, accommodating reporter about why he rushed the stage during Donald Trump’s rally in Dayton, Ohio.  He only wanted to forcefully take the forum, grab … Continue reading

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Reuters: Putin Addresses Cause Of Russian Plane Crash And The Coming Consequences

He looks and sounds like he means what he’s saying.

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Two Items To Carefully Consider Tonight As France Bleeds

The video is from this morning’s broadcast.  And there is this from CBC NEWS-World:

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Jihadis From Trinidad and Tobago Talk To Us About Killing Us

These jihadis from Trinidad and Tobago really do believe what they are saying about fighting and killing us for Allah.  The question is, why don’t our political leaders get it?  What’s wrong with our authorities?  Why can’t they understand this?  … Continue reading

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ISIS Parade In Hannover Austria

This is a fairly good-sized parade/demonstration, complete with the jihadi black flags of ISIS, with the line of march down a major street in Hannover, Austria about two weeks ago.  The text from the footage is credited as follows:

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