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Major Media Catching On (Far Too Late In The Game) To Obama’s Mendacity?

It’s almost comical to watch Jake Tapper at CNN (thanks to the June 2, 2016, video from The Washington Free Beacon) beginning to realize that perhaps Barack Obama and his minions are not the straight-shooting truth-tellers Mr. Tapper thought they … Continue reading

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American Press Corps Dust-Up Over David Duke Endorsing Donald Trump – Truth Or Low Blow?

Welcome to Super Tuesday.  For the mainstream media, the establishment GOP, the Democrats, and the Press Corps, the guy who was not ever going to get the nomination is on his way to winning the GOP presidential nomination.  Time to … Continue reading

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Is CNN Really Planning A Jerry Springer Show For Tonight’s GOP Debate?

It would appear that way, if you read The New York Times’ political headline story:

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