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Knock Knock – Who’s There? Not You Any More

Former FBI Director James Comey is now in the unemployment line.  And contrary to what today’s Politico is implying, there is no Constitutional Crisis created by his firing:

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A Question: Why?

Why has President Donald Trump not fired FBI Director James Comey?  Comey, who was recently called the most powerful man in America, directs an organization which collects all kinds of information on people in all stations of life.  His is … Continue reading

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On Allegations Of Wiretapping And Surveillance: FBI Director James Comey – A Very Powerful And At Times Slippery Character

This is a fascinating exchange.  I’ve watched it several times.  Sometimes the FBI man James Comey is straightforward – and sometimes he’s not so straightforward.  You can decide.

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Hillary C Is Off The Hook – Let’s Move On

I’m already weary of frantic talk-radio hosts going on and on about FBI Director James Comey’s exoneration speech to the media today.  So, I turned them all off.  There’s not going to be any indictment of Hillary Clinton.  No intent … Continue reading

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Confident In The FBI? Investigation – Inside Informants – Surveillance – Not Enough To Stop Omar Mateen

The director of the FBI tells us that finding out what Mr. Omar Mateen was up to prior to the Orlando massacre is like looking for a needle in a national haystack of hundreds of potential jihadis.  The cops have … Continue reading

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