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A Christmas-Time Love Song From Fatah To Brighten Your Holidays

Some love songs can be timeless.  They span the decades.

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OSU Jihadi Slasher Was Really A Nice Guy – Which Proves A Point

AP’s ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS provides us the standard “I find it hard to believe he would do that” report today, via Yahoo News. You know who “he” is.  Abdul Razak Ali Artan.  The Muslim refugee from Somalia who ran his car … Continue reading

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Faith Goldy And Pamela Geller On The Ohio State University Jihad Attack

Pamela Geller knows something about the jihad movement in America.  She’s been targeted for assassination by the Forces of Islam – two times .  Both death plots ended in gunfire and a total of three dead Muslim would-be killers.

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Ohio State University Students Confused About Motive After The Jihad Knife Attack

From the Why We’re Still Losing The War Department: A few days ago a Somali Muslim refugee ran his car into a crowd of OSU students, got out of the car and began to slash at the college kids with … Continue reading

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Douglas Murray Talks About Islam And Violence

Not Islamism.

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The Trashing Of Paris

And still the hordes keep coming and coming and coming.  And the spineless men in charge of France have no clue what to do about it.  The most massive surrender in modern history is under way – even larger than … Continue reading

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David Wood Gives Us A Lesson In Jihad By The Numbers

All you have to do is count.  Not one, two, buckle my shoe.  One, two, three.

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The Dirty N Word In France Is “No-Go Zone”

Note to the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls, who insists that police No-Go zones do not exist in France:

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With the third and final presidential debate mercifully finished and up for endless media coverage, the invasion of Germany and Europe by an overwhelming army of Muslims continues.  It’s impossible to know how many Americans understand that the same invasion … Continue reading

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Are There Really Police No-Go Zones In France? Germany? America?

It depends on who is doing the speaking.  As we can discern from the above RT video report, “authorities” in the French (and German) governments are very good at giving brave assurances that the forces of law and order are … Continue reading

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