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Islam In America Joins Black Lives Matter

The video speaks for itself.  Viewers may draw their conclusions.

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See What You Think Of This

Have a nice weekend.  Sleep well.  Pleasant dreams.

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Egyptian TV Presents Us Some Higher Education In Islam: Burn The Jews

Here we have an Egyptian TV host, Dr. Muhammad Khaled, interviewing an Islamic history professor, Yusri Ahmad Zidan.

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Surprise – New U.S. Military Uniform Patches Resemble ISIS/Muslim Brotherhood Logo

It’s come to this.  You didn’t believe we’re being Islamized?  With thanks to InfoWars.com below the break are the new uniform patch to be worn by United States Troops who are deployed in the Syrian Civil War (left), and the … Continue reading

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What’ll It Be For Your Public School: Crucifix Day? Yarmulke Day? Or Hijab Day?

The encroachment of Islam into the neutral zone continues.  Some call it jumping off sides in football.  But no one is throwing a penalty flag in this game.  By neutral zone, I’m alluding to the political playing field of America’s … Continue reading

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In late September of 2001, just a few days after some 3,000 Americans were killed in the 9/11/01 attacks, then-President George W. Bush stood with operatives of the Muslim Brotherhood at his shoulder and told us that Islam is a … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Is Arming, Aiding And Abetting Torture And Butchery Under Al Quaida In Syria (Graphic Video)

An execution by anti-Assad “rebels” in Syria (Photo:  Time Lightbox) With thanks to Andy Bostom via Pajamas Media, here is a direct link to a French TV report on four Sharia Courts which are now operating in “rebel” controlled Aleppo, Syria.  … Continue reading

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Barack Obama Is A Muslim Brotherhood Operative

Anyone else noticed how President Barack Obama switched sides in this War – the War we got pulled into on 9/11/01?  Remember when Al Qaida was our big problem, but not Islam?  Remember when it was Al Quaida, under the leadership … Continue reading

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Congressional Lemmings Sprint Toward Syrian Cliff – As Libya Descends Into Historic Financial/Civilizational Chaos

The apparent depth of stupidity (and Presidential guile) is truly astounding in Washington, D.C. at this moment.  Republican House Speaker John Boehner, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and others with the big (R) behind their names, are beating the Obama Orwellian … Continue reading

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Congressional Act Mandated Sharia-Compliant Jails And Prisons In America – Guess Which President Signed It

I worked in Colorado law enforcement for twenty years.  During my nearly thirteen years with a major Denver-Metro Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy and Detective, I remember only too well the annual approach of the month of Ramadan – the … Continue reading

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