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NY Times – Alan Rappeport Shamelessly Joins The Pack – Piles Onto Ben Carson (CORRECTION BELOW)

I thought I was finished for the day.  Then I happened to be reading a NYT blog post about Scott Walker withdrawing from the Republican Presidential race.   Reading on down the page at the New York Times I happened … Continue reading

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Is CNN Really Planning A Jerry Springer Show For Tonight’s GOP Debate?

It would appear that way, if you read The New York Times’ political headline story:

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NYT’s Dowd Dissects Obama’s Failures – Bet She’ll Still Vote For Him In November?

I have to tip my hat to Marueen Dowd.  She’s had a long career with the premier newspaper in the country.  I don’t agree with many things she writes.  She’s a leftist.  Most writers, journalists, college professors, high school teachers/administrators and … Continue reading

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None So Blind As She Who Will Not See…

So, if you’ve looked at Diana West’s site today, you already know that she’s pretty well given the New York Times (The Old Gray Blind Lady, or whatever it’s called) a well-deserved literary beat-down – for finally (belatedly) acknowledging (recognizing?) … Continue reading

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Obama’s Orwellian Lexicon: American Bombs and Missiles Launched Into Libyan Civil War Do Not Constitute “Hostilities”

(Via Drudge) Here’s an interesting story in the New York Times.  Two of the President’s top legal advisors, Jeh Johnson and Caroline Krass, told the CIC that the air strikes and drone attacks he’s been ordering inside Libya fall under … Continue reading

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Obama’s Bombs Now Falling In Yemen

George Washington warned us.  Dwight Eisenhower warned us.  But who paid attention to them?  Take a look at what is really going on: We now have troops involved in combat operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Yemen.  There are American soldiers, marines, airmen and … Continue reading

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NYT And Stephanopoulos Run Interference For Obama – Ignore Legitimate Questions About His Hidden History

The New York Times says the issue is settled and dead, because former Bill Clinton White House staffer George Stephanopoulos presented a copy of Barack Obama’s computer-generated Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth to Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann during ABC’s “Good … Continue reading

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Wide-Eyed NYT Takes A Look At Egypt’s New Democracy – Which Votes For Shariah Law

With thanks to Michael Savage for the link, here’s a New York Times piece, finally, where a big media player begins to publicly acknowledge that the revolts which have recently spread across the Middle East may not in fact be … Continue reading

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MSNBC Interviews Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison On “King’s Witch Hunt”

The smokescreen is already deployed.  The obfuscation has begun.  The name-calling has commenced.  And we haven’t seen anything, yet.  Minnesota Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D) appeared on MSNBC with Lawrence O’Donnell to answer some softball questions and denounce Republican New … Continue reading

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