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Sebastian Gorka On Sam Sorbo’s Radio Show – Part 2: The Russians Bomb Syria

Today I present my continuing analysis with part 2 of Sebastian Gorka’s conversation with Sam Sorbo on her radio show, broadcast on 10-19-15.  I’ve done a fairly close-to–verbatim transcription for you to follow, with my comments inserted.  Part 1 is … Continue reading

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Bibi Versus The World – Obama And U.N. Setting Up To Muscle In And Force Israel’s Surrender?

So, as could be expected, journalists worldwide told us during Israel’s election day that the race was too close to call and that it was likely that Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party  would lose.  But, no.  It wasn’t close, after all.  … Continue reading

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Will The Obama Admin Find A Reason To Forbid Netanyahu’s Entry Into The USA?

The rumblings have already begun against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s anticipated address to the Congress of the United States, currently scheduled for next month.  The protests sound like this: 1)  It’s not fair to candidates who are running against … Continue reading

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Euros Kill And Arrest Jihadis – Obama Sends Terror Reinforcements From Gitmo

Fear not, jihadis.  Not to worry that the Euro-cops are killing and arresting your soldiers.  Help is on your way from Gitmo, compliments of America’s CIC.  Replacements.  Reinforcements.  Assistance.  Take heart.

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Congressional Lemmings Sprint Toward Syrian Cliff – As Libya Descends Into Historic Financial/Civilizational Chaos

The apparent depth of stupidity (and Presidential guile) is truly astounding in Washington, D.C. at this moment.  Republican House Speaker John Boehner, Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham, and others with the big (R) behind their names, are beating the Obama Orwellian … Continue reading

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No American Press Curiosity About Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Crucifixion Reports

Raymond Ibrahim’s report on recent Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood crucifixions of citizens who protested against newly elected President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, which you can also read here, has been largely ignored by the mainstream American press and television news outlets.  This … Continue reading

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Media Obots Again Ignore Joe Arpaio’s Evidence – The End Of The Line For Truth Has Been Reached

With thanks to Drudge, here’s the lead AP story on his site this morning, following the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Posse’s press conference yesterday afternoon: PHOENIX (AP) — Investigators for an Arizona sheriff’s volunteer posse have declared that … Continue reading

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Katie Pavlich’s Diversions Ignore The Main Event

I was scanning the Townhall.com website, as I have so many times, looking for a feature about the ongoing investigation into Barack Obama’s background and origins.  As ususal, there was nothing on that issue available.  Here’s what’s on today’s red … Continue reading

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Townhall.com Joins The Mainstream – Provides Cover For Obama’s Fraudulent Credentials

I thought my readers might find this interesting.  It’s a letter I sent today by e-mail to editor Katie Pavlich at Townhall.com (with a few of my typos corrected from the original).  By refusing to publish columns dealing with evidence of … Continue reading

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Diana West Won’t Shut Up Already About Obama’s Eligibility

She must be one of those weirdo birthers?  A conspiracy nut, you say?  She needs re-education maybe?  Quick.  Somebody call the FBI or the Secret Service.  Lock her up and shut her away.  Or lock her away and shut her … Continue reading

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