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The Palestinian Stabbing Jihad Against Jews

So, who is doing what to whom?

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Fatah’s Nabil Shaath: Do We Have To Hijack Your Planes And Destroy Your Airports Again?

With thanks to Winds of Jihad and The Middle East Media Research Institute, here is Fatah Central Committee member Nabil Shaath wearing a nice suit and tie, interviewed on the Palestinian Awdha TV channel.  He doesn’t trust the United States … Continue reading

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Bill Whittle Gives Us A Complete Palestine History Lesson In Eleven Minutes

Confused about this much-belabored and much- argued issue over the “occupied territories” question and who did what to whom?  Watch this for eleven minutes.

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Andrew Bostom Cuts Through The “Occupied Territories” Smokescreen

The great Andrew Bostom gives us five and one-half minutes of intense, incisive analysis of the terrible Palestinian knife attacks inflicted on Israel’s citizens during the month of October.  The carnage killed eleven Jews and injured one-hundred thirty-two.

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Palestinian Dean Of Quranic Studies Says: Kill Jewish Women and Children

Today’s lesson in higher learning and Cultural Enrichment (to use Gates Of Vienna‘s term for the ongoing worldwide Islamization) comes from Dr. Subhi Al-Yasiji, who is the Dean of Quranic Studies at the Islamic University of Gaza.

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Sebastian Gorka On Sam Sorbo’s Radio Show – Part 1: Stabbings In Israel

http://app.stitcher.com/splayer/f/61370/40900373 I listened to the Sam Sorbo Show yesterday (the hyper-link to the audio is just beneath the photo), with particular attention to the commentary provided by Sebastian Gorka.  Dr. Gorka’s segment begins at approximately 1:06.00 on the show timer. … Continue reading

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“Poison The Knife Before You Stab” – Islam’s Goal Of Jew-Annihilation Undeniable Except To The Willfully Blind

With thanks to my friend Dr. Andrew Bostom, we have here a video clip via Palestinian Media Watch (palwatch.org) from a recent Muslim sermon delivered in Jerusalem by Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi within the Al-Aqsa Mosque – and a photograph depicting … Continue reading

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How To Stab A Jew

In case you’re not up on current events in Israel, there is a wave of stabbings in progress, carried out by Muslims against Jewish citizens. 

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What Was Kayla Mueller Really Doing In The Middle East?

The question came up today.  What was Kayla Mueller really doing in the Middle East when she was kidnapped, tortured, raped and killed?  With thanks to Jed West, here’s a link to the PalSolidarity.org via GatewayPundit report which provides an … Continue reading

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Obama Takes Sides With Islam – Delivers The Dagger To Israel’s Heart (UPDATED)

BREAKING NEWS:  (Scroll to bottom of column for update.) I’ve been watching a trailing footer which says that Barack Obama has called for Israel to withdraw to her 1967 borders. This is infamy and treachery.  The story is developing. I’m … Continue reading

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