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War In Paris – May 1, 2017: Police Officers Burn

And Le Pen hasn’t won the presidential election yet.  Welcome to May Day in Paris.

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Another Jihad Attack In Heart Of Paris – Champ-Elysees – One Police Officer And One Jihadi Shot Dead

With thanks to Marcelle Kory for the video link.

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Devolving Western Civilization Via Uncontrolled Third World Muslim Immigration

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the link.  This particular not so peaceful assembly and demonstration happened on the Paris Metro Stalingrad just three days ago.  The religion of peace in action, bringing harmony and good fellowship to Western Civ. The … Continue reading

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Belgium Locks Down – How Near Is Europe’s Complete Surrender To Islam?

With thanks to The Daily Caller via Drudge, the Jerusalem Post reports that the Chief Rabbi of Brussels, Belgium has announced that there is “no future for Jews in Europe.”  This follows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statement last February … Continue reading

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