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And While We’re Discussing Rape…

Earlier today I posted a piece on the fourth reported immigrant-perpetrated gang rape in Magdeburg, Germany – within the past thirty days.

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Fourth Gang Rape Within Thirty Days Reported In Magdeburg Germany

Pat Condell told us this was going to happen.  It’s happening.  He told us the European press corps would suppress information to cover for the Muslims.  They’re suppressing information.  Islam’s highest codified authoritative texts, the Quran and Hadith collections, tell … Continue reading

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CNN Report Blames ISIS For Institutionalized Slavery And Rape – Omits Quranic Endorsement

Today’s featured (misleading) CNN report, ladies and gentlemen, is titled ISIS Soldiers Told To Rape Women To Make Them Muslim. 

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Vlad Tepes: Family In Pakistan Suffers Persecution, Brutal Rape Of Their Young Daughter – For Refusing To Convert To Islam

This is a horrifying story, posted today at Vlad Tepes, of a working father in Pakistan who declined to convert his family to Islam.  In retribution for his refusal, while the father was at work, his  two year old daughter was kidnapped.  … Continue reading

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