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Moving Ever More Left – DNC Favors Muslim Keith Ellison For National Chair

The Hillary Clinton candidacy has been laid waste.  The recriminations have begun.  The Democrat Party is in convulsions.  Leftists who never in their worst nightmares could imagine that Donald Trump would win the election are in a state of abject … Continue reading

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America’s Evolving Political Left – Assaults On Trump Supporters Overwhelm Cops

Hundreds of Marx-style leftist-wingers attacked and assaulted Donald Trump supporters in San Jose California last night.  The flag of Mexico was flown as the American flag was burned.  It was a violent mob scene following the GOP front-runner’s rally , … Continue reading

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Islam-Ignoramus Michael Bloomberg: Coming Riots By America’s Unemployed Will Parallel Egypt’s Revolt (Re-Done)

How do people like Michael Bloomberg gather such immense wealth and power?  It can’t be intellectual acuity or an ability to analyze the political effects of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood on the Middle East’s instability.  Thanks to Drudge, here’s the CNN … Continue reading

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Nigerian Muslim Mobs Angry With Election Results Burn Churches, Kill Christians, Lay Waste The Land

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the video on this one.  So, let’s say, just for the sake of discussion, that the Democrats prevail in the next United States national election and re-take the House of Representatives, as well as the … Continue reading

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“Youths” Riot In Malmo, Sweden

Riots have broken out in Malmo, Sweden.  Torched cars, firebombs, stones aimed at the police – sounds almost like a war zone.  Once again, it’s the “youth” of Malmo who are disenfranchised and express their displeasure in rather inappropriate ways.  … Continue reading

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