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OSU Jihadi Slasher Was Really A Nice Guy – Which Proves A Point

AP’s ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS provides us the standard “I find it hard to believe he would do that” report today, via Yahoo News. You know who “he” is.  Abdul Razak Ali Artan.  The Muslim refugee from Somalia who ran his car … Continue reading

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Pat Condell: Another Morsel Of Truth From England

The maestro of counter-jihad oration gives us some pearls of wisdom about the English Defence League, the cowardly English Police and Parliament, and the Western news outlets which refuse to look Islam in the face and say its name – … Continue reading

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Kayla Mueller’s Ordeal And Death – A Function Of Mainstream Doctrinal Islam

Kayla Mueller, a bright young American woman who traveled to the Middle East as a humanitarian aid worker was taken captive.  Enslaved, raped and tortured over the period of a year and a half, she is dead.  The proximate cause … Continue reading

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Islam’s Soldiers Infiltrate Our Communities And Intimidate Our Military Families

If you listen to most news broadcasts about acts of violent jihad or what Robert Spencer calls stealth jihad, or what Frank Gaffney calls civilization jihad, you will seldom (if ever) hear any such acts linked to the doctrines of … Continue reading

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Western Press In Suicidal Denial

(Photo: Washington Post) Historians and scholars, including Robert Spencer and Andrew G. Bostom, tell us that Islam’s prophet Muhammad (d. 632 A.D.) is considered by all Muslims to have been the perfect human being – and as such he is … Continue reading

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What’ll It Be For Your Public School: Crucifix Day? Yarmulke Day? Or Hijab Day?

The encroachment of Islam into the neutral zone continues.  Some call it jumping off sides in football.  But no one is throwing a penalty flag in this game.  By neutral zone, I’m alluding to the political playing field of America’s … Continue reading

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MSNBC Interviews Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison On “King’s Witch Hunt”

The smokescreen is already deployed.  The obfuscation has begun.  The name-calling has commenced.  And we haven’t seen anything, yet.  Minnesota Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison (D) appeared on MSNBC with Lawrence O’Donnell to answer some softball questions and denounce Republican New … Continue reading

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