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Russian Ambassador Slaughtered: What The Turk Who Shot Him Really Said

Do we give the British Broadcasting Corporation the benefit of the doubt, because the killing of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was so fresh?  Perhaps the reporters just hadn’t adequate time to get accurate witness statements?  Or is this another case … Continue reading

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Russians Find Explosives Inside Muslim Prayer Center – And Detonate The Explosives Inside The Prayer Center

I find the idea intriguing.  It’s an innovative way to take care of two problems at one time.

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Reuters: Putin Addresses Cause Of Russian Plane Crash And The Coming Consequences

He looks and sounds like he means what he’s saying.

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Sebastian Gorka On Sam Sorbo’s Radio Show – Part 2: The Russians Bomb Syria

Today I present my continuing analysis with part 2 of Sebastian Gorka’s conversation with Sam Sorbo on her radio show, broadcast on 10-19-15.  I’ve done a fairly close-to–verbatim transcription for you to follow, with my comments inserted.  Part 1 is … Continue reading

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Andrew Bostom Heaps Opprobrium On Fox News’ Coverage Of Russian Air Strike Targets In Syria

In an interview with radio talk-show host Sam Sorbo, the incomparable Andrew Bostom rips FoxNews’ deceptive coverage of recent Russian air strikes on jihadi positions in Syria.

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I’m Just Tryin’ To Help Out Here, Folks…

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Czo5Vf8KZs Tryin’ to make things better…  (Thanks to Diana for the link.)

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Muslim Troubles In Moscow – One-Thousand Arrested – Guess Whose Side The Police Are Taking

Via Drudge Report: Here’s an example of how the world-jihad/Islamization problem has been obfuscated and framed by the Associated Press to portray Muslims as victims – this time in Russia.  David Nowak’s report does a marvelous job of hiding the … Continue reading

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