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Another Jihad Attack In Heart Of Paris – Champ-Elysees – One Police Officer And One Jihadi Shot Dead

With thanks to Marcelle Kory for the video link.

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OSU Jihadi Slasher Was Really A Nice Guy – Which Proves A Point

AP’s ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS provides us the standard “I find it hard to believe he would do that” report today, via Yahoo News. You know who “he” is.  Abdul Razak Ali Artan.  The Muslim refugee from Somalia who ran his car … Continue reading

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Ohio State University Students Confused About Motive After The Jihad Knife Attack

From the Why We’re Still Losing The War Department: A few days ago a Somali Muslim refugee ran his car into a crowd of OSU students, got out of the car and began to slash at the college kids with … Continue reading

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Anti-Terror Raids In Germany – Is It Better Late Than Never – Or Is It Too Little Too Late?

Most of this Islam-driven terrorism nastiness in Germany and Europe could have been avoided had the U.S. government not actively participated in the toppling of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, Moammar Ghadaffi in Libya – and in the ongoing strife against … Continue reading

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Paralyzing Nations – Shopper Beheaded With A Chainsaw In Belarus Mall – Oktoberfest Attendance Down 50%

 (Video and Minsk Report: Vlad Tepes) It’s not the weather, they say, that’s keeping people away from Oktoberfest this year.  The beer is still cold.  Deutschlanders are staying away out of fear of terrorist attacks.  I wonder why that is.  … Continue reading

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On Terrorism And Islam – Whom Are We To Believe?

Every once in a while it’s helpful to revisit something which has made an impression on our memories, such as a good movie or book.  The great Andrew Bostom’s works are a trove of hard, real information about the nature … Continue reading

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EU Wants British Press To Divorce Terrorism From Islam

The prevailing mental condition is controlled insanity. Semantically things are getting worse, not better.  The more acts of violence committed by Muslims against non-Muslims these days, the harder the upper echelons of leftist politics dig in their heels and come … Continue reading

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Pope’s Understanding Of Islam Has Been Weighed In The Balance – And Found Wanting

I can’t help wondering where and how Pope Francis came to his conclusions about what is not driving the worldwide spate of Muslim violence that is tearing Western Civilization apart.  He says that religion has nothing to do with the … Continue reading

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So, Who Did It To The Istanbul Airport?

Well, Vlad Tepes gives us an idea of who could be behind the bombing attack at the Istanbul Airport, including a timeline of recent Turkish hostile interactions with Russia.  Today’s video is in regard to the downing of a Russian … Continue reading

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A Question Of Mindset

Happy Acres via Western Rifle Shooters Association

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