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Devolving Western Civilization Via Uncontrolled Third World Muslim Immigration

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for the link.  This particular not so peaceful assembly and demonstration happened on the Paris Metro Stalingrad just three days ago.  The religion of peace in action, bringing harmony and good fellowship to Western Civ. The … Continue reading

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A Danish Imam Lectures A Class Of Females On Apostasy, The Shariah And Stoning Adulterers

The religion of peace at work in Denmark, with thanks to PEGIDA Denmark for the translation, Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna.

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Red Cross SEX ED 101 Class Conflicts With Quran – Refugee Center Female Worker Raped

Thanks to Vlad Tepes we can carefully study the nuances in this RT video, which reports that a sixteen year old Muslim male has been accused of raping a female worker inside a Flanders refugee center.  And yes, the Muslim … Continue reading

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Berlin Moves Closer To The Abyss Of Anarchy – And Still The Muslims Pour Into The Country

This one was published today, with thanks to Vlad Tepes and Nash Montana.  The focus of the report is the rising “migrant” crime wave in Berlin, where the streets are no longer safe for females to traverse after dark.

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Woman On The Street Interview In Hamburg Germany

Here’s the perspective of one kindly, candid, gentle, eloquent middle-aged German woman on what’s becoming of her country with the ongoing invasion of the World of Islam.  She has a few carefully measured words for Chancellor Angela Merkel at the … Continue reading

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Tania Groth – Leader Of PEGIDA Denmark – Man Convicted For Comparing Islam’s Doctrine to Nazism

The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam. Barack Obama – September 25, 2012

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Czech TV Exposes Hardcore Jihadis Disguised As Refugees

With thanks to Vlad Tepes and Xanthippa: If there is any doubt in your mind that there are battle-hardened jihadis finding their way into Europe (and into the United States) while posing as war-frightened fleeing refugees, click and watch the … Continue reading

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Why Muslims Greet Infidels With The Left Hand

Today’s lesson is a demonstration of the status of non-Muslims within the minds of the practitioners of Islam.  If, as an Infidel, you are surprised (or perhaps offended) by the gesture of a Muslim who greets you by extending his … Continue reading

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After The Paris Horror – Words For Civilization From Geert Wilders And Diana West

Diana West’s commentary on what happened in Paris on November 13, 2015, and where to go next, is well worth your time.

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Higher-Ups Deny Existence Of Muslim No-Go Zones For Germany’s Police

Ah, yes, the higher level police administrators can always be counted upon to deny that there is any major problem.  That rhetoric, which is familiar to me as a retired American Police Officer/Sheriff’s Deputy, begins at about 2:47 into this … Continue reading

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