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Vertigo-Inducing State Department New-Speak

In 2001 al Qaida destroys the World Trade Center, hits the Pentagon, and kills nearly three thousand Americans. Al Qaida is bad.  Islam, we are told, is good.

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More Air Strikes Coming As Obama Steers USA Closer To All-Out Armed Conflict With Russia

This is the peace maker.  This is The One whose election would cause the levels of the rising oceans and global warming to subside.  This is the great uniter of nations and races.

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America’s High School Girls’ Athletic Teams Are Now Recruiting Ground For Marines’ Cannon Fodder

USMC Commandant Robert Neller In continuing a movement begun by George W. Bush during his second term in office, Barack Obama and his Marxist minions have purged our true warriors from the upper ranks of America’s military forces and stocked … Continue reading

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If FDR Had Changed Sides In 1942 – Would Anyone Have Noticed?

A remarkable event in America’s history occurred just a few months past.  The President of the United States came about, to use a nautical term, and suddenly deployed U.S. military support to the Libyan contingent of al Qaida’s jihadis.  They … Continue reading

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Obama Plays Global Whac-A-Mole With U.S. Military

I’ve written so many times about the huge Islam misunderstanding problem that persists throughout the Western World.  However I couldn’t stay away from this video when I saw it up at Vlad Tepes today.

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For The Frenchmen Who Now Despise America As The Big Problem In The World

June 6, 1944. I had a friend named Ed Cole, who died a few years ago at age 90.  He played trumpet in Tommy Dorsey’s band.

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The West’s Grandiose Delusions About Islam – Middle East Mess Is Not All Barack Obama’s Fault

My friend Diana West and talk-show host Sam Sorbo discuss the abject failure of the Iraq war and, beyond that, the folly of trying to impose Western style democracy on Islamic nations.

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Once Upon A Time

My father was a veteran of World War II.  A conscripted citizen soldier, he served in the China/Burma/India Theater from January of 1944 to the end of the war in August, 1945.  Our nation was very different in that day.  … Continue reading

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A Quick Visual History Lesson – Jihad Versus Crusades – Who Did What And When

With thanks to Penny, here’s a five minute video produced by Dr. Bill Warner that should open a few eyes about which campaigns were greater in numbers of battles fought and scope – Islamic Jihad or The Crusades. CLICK HERE … Continue reading

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The Endless War: Mona Charen Criticizes Obama – Defends Bush – All While Ignoring Islam’s History And Doctrine

One of the greatest columns I ever read was one published by Mona Charen (photo above) in the days following the September 11, 2001 Muslim terror attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.  Her opening line was, “What we need … Continue reading

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