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Another Unsolved High-Profile Murder That Stinks To High Heaven

The abject corruption in America’s politics has metastasized into the upper ranks of law enforcement.  Anyone above the rank of Sergeant in any given police department is no longer a cop.  He is a pure politician.  I tell you that … Continue reading

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Julian Assange On The U.S. Election – Full Interview

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Meanwhile Back In London: Julian Assange Says Donald Trump Will Not Be Permitted To Win The Election

And beyond that, Hillary Clinton is heavily funded by the Saudi/Qatar governments – which also provide funding to ISIS.

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Mr. Obama Lied – It’s Just What Regular Marxists Do

I wrote very little about Hillary Clinton’s email server problem.  It’s a dead horse.  It was an abject waste of media time and effort.  She’s off the hook, thanks to FBI Director James Comey and Attorney General Loretta Lynch.  Yes, … Continue reading

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Something To Think About For Julian Assange

Yes, there is the continuance of the left’s and Islam’s political ideology to carry on following this November’s election.  And there is much more than that at stake.  There are vast fortunes, far beyond the imagination of the common man … Continue reading

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