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Kuwaiti Sheikh Othman Al-Khamis: How To Properly Beat Your Wife

This is quite a recent lecture, delivered on January 31, 2017 by an accepted Islamic authority.  The ideas presented here are not the hysterical rantings of some extremist who is not really a Muslim.  Far from that, the sheikh calmly … Continue reading

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Egyptian TV Presents Us Some Higher Education In Islam: Burn The Jews

Here we have an Egyptian TV host, Dr. Muhammad Khaled, interviewing an Islamic history professor, Yusri Ahmad Zidan.

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Turkey’s Demands Met: Islam-Disrespecting Danish Prime Minister Out Of Picture – NATO To Take Over Libyan Non-War

Last night I was homeward bound, driving on an Interstate Highway, when a radio news broadcast caught my ear.  The confusion, disarray and aimlessness of the new non-war front in Libya (the one that is now labeled Kinetic Military Action) has … Continue reading

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