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A Women’s Day Celebration In The Islamic Republic Of Turkey

Thanks to the dauntless Vlad Tepes for posting this one.  It was Women’s Day in Turkey.

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Survey By Saudi University Professor: Nearly Half Of Saudi Women Are Beaten At Home

The Holy Quran (4:34) orders it and Saudi men, being the good Muslims they are, obey the Quran, to the letter: “Men have authority over women because Allah has made the one superior to the other, and because they spend … Continue reading

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UK: Muslim Wife Gets A Beating – Husband Claims The Quran Says It’s His Right

The beating is not funny.  To a Westerner the defendant’s reasoning is hilarious.  It’s not.  He’s serious.  From the UK Daily Post comes a report that Shamshu Miah (photo above), a Muslim, beat his wife when she refused to bring … Continue reading

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Andy Bostom And Edward Gibbon On Muhammad’s Ravenous Sexual Proclivities

Here’s an opportunity for you to pick up a little tidbit that I’m willing to bet you didn’t know about until today.  Islam’s prophet, of whom Robert Spencer has often said is regarded by Muslims the world over as the perfect … Continue reading

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Oops – Muslim Brotherhood Moves To Ban Skimpy Bathing Suits In Egypt

Remember a few short months ago when we were assured by the Obama Administration that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate, secular organization, not associated with any sort of violence or agenda?  Intel Chief Robert Gates said (click here for … Continue reading

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Big Muslim Recruitment Drive In Australia – How About Your American Town?

From the forever-dauntless Vlad Tepes comes this MRC television Today-Tonight clip, which reports an ongoing recruitment drive by Muslim leaders to convert Australians to Islam.  And why not?  As the imams are now saying down under, “democracy is just a numbers game.” … Continue reading

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