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Jerome Corsi: Obama’s Wedding Ring Is Inscribed In Arabic – “There Is No God Except Allah”

The conjecture has been bandied about for years:  The President of the United States is a covert Muslim.  That’s the rumor.  So, this morning, you can look at some hard supporting evidence and listen to author Jerome Corsi explain what Obama’s … Continue reading

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World Net Daily’s Joseph Farah Understands Obama – He Was Once Just Like The President

Over at http://www.wnd.com Editor and founder Joe Farah makes some astonishing revelations about his youth.  He says he was a communist during the Viet Nam War and was sympathetic with them who would have overthrown the United States.  Farah and his dauntless … Continue reading

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Is Islam Really At War Against Western Civilization? – A Rasmussen Poll

Over at World Net Daily, Drew Zahn discusses the results of a recent Rasmussen poll, which posed questions to members of the “political class” and to “mainstream voters” about whether we’re really under attack by, and at war with, the … Continue reading

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Selective Service Completely Destroys Obama’s Paper Registration Records – So, What About The Micro-Film?

The President of the United States has had nearly four years now to clean house and fill top level cabinet and administrative positions with his hand-picked minions.  One of those chosen bureaucrats is Selective Service Director Lawrence Romo.  Obama appointed … Continue reading

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Selective Service Obstructs Obama Forgery Probe – Media Too Preoccupied With FL Killing To Care

Diana West covered it this morning, complete with links to Jerome Corsi’s most recent revelations on the investigation into the greatest political/criminal scandal in the history of this country:

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Bill O’Reilly Again Turns A Blind Eye To Evidence Of Obama’s B.C. Forgery

Meanwhile, over at World Net Daily, Bob Unruh has posted a story about the obstinate Bill O’Reilly of Fox News fame – the one who now claims that Joe Arpaio has presented no hard forensic evidence that someone forged Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

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Michele Bachmann Charges CBS With Manipulating The Debate – And Has The Evidence To Prove It

I didn’t watch the Republican debate tonight.  I became weary of the left-slanted trap door questions a long time ago.  I wonder why the Republican establishment keeps going to the likes of CNN, PBS and CBS to get skewered by the … Continue reading

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AZ Sheriff Joe Arpaio Receiving Death Threats Over Eligibility Probe – From Drug Cartels And Obama Supporters

Over at World Net Daily, there is a report tonight which says that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is the target of death threats, both from Mexican Drug Cartels and Obama supporters.  It all has to do with his ongoing investigation … Continue reading

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AZ Eligibility Investigation Needs Original Obama Birth Docmuents – Watch This One Dead-Ended As Inconclusive

The investigation into Barack Obama’s origins and his fraudulent use of a Social Security number that he should not lawfully possess is about to come to a dead end.  Over at WorldNetDaily, Jerome Corsi tell us the Cold Case Posse, … Continue reading

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Hutton Hotel In Nashville Cancels Conference On Islam – Due To Threats Of Violence From Islam

If you think we’re not in deep trouble in this country, that the land of the free and the home of the brave isn’t cowering in the face of intimidation by the forces of the brutal Muslim ideology – you’re dead … Continue reading

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