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Four Thrillers: The Barter Series – Available In Kindle And Paperback At Amazon

My collection of four thriller novellas, The Barter And Reckoning Series, is available now at Amazon – in one volume.  Take a terrifying look into the not-too-distant future, where the Second Amendment no longer exists and the sovereignty of the … Continue reading

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Announcing: THE BARTER – A Political Thriller

 Beginning where A Well-Regulated Vengeance ended, my fourth futuristic political thriller, The Barter, is now available at, both in print and as a Kindle ebook.  Based upon real-life events that are now in play, this story takes the reader five years into … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: My Fourth Political Thriller

Foreword by the author On January 20, 2013 best-seller author and investigative journalist Jerome Corsi published an alarming column at World Net Daily.  The title of the essay was “China Poised To Play Debt Card – For U.S. Land”.  Unfortunately, … Continue reading

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Coming Soon: THE BARTER

When a man’s personal bank account is down to zero, he has no job,  his credit cards are maxed out, the rent is due, and there’s no food on his family’s table, he begins to look around for things of … Continue reading

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