Fatah’s Nabil Shaath: Do We Have To Hijack Your Planes And Destroy Your Airports Again?

With thanks to Winds of Jihad and The Middle East Media Research Institute, here is Fatah Central Committee member Nabil Shaath wearing a nice suit and tie, interviewed on the Palestinian Awdha TV channel.  He doesn’t trust the United States to be involved in this decades-long (endless) negotiation process between Palestine and Israel over the “Occupied Territory” – which means Israel.  Which means that Fatah’s (and Hamas’) objective in the negotiations is to get rid of Israel.  Seriously. Continue reading

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EDL/PEGIDA Leader Tommy Robinson Talks About His Experiences In England’s Islamized Prisons

Tommy Robinson, an outspoken opponent of the Islamization of England, has been imprisoned several times.  I feel quite comfortable in saying that he was a political prisoner.  His nose has apparently been broken and repaired.  As Pat Condell has told us, Europe’s prisons are filled with Third World Muslim males.  Prisons are brutal places.  I cannot imagine that Tommy Robinson was treated very well, either by the prison staffs wherein he was incarcerated – or by the Muslim prisoners.  This video was published on February 6, 2016. Continue reading

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Europe At The Brink: PEGIDA Anti-Muslim Rallies Encounter Pro-Muslim Leftists – Police Make Arrests

As America stocks up on snacks in preparation for tomorrow’s Super Bowl Game, the Old World seems to be coming apart at the seams.  With thanks to TundraTabloids.com  for the link, here is PEGIDA Germany’s leader Tatjana Festerling.  She eloquently and succinctly lays out Germany’s dire state of affairs – telling us in short that the nation is at the brink of social and economic collapse because of the Muslim invasion.  The overwhelmed police can no longer provide even the most basic security for Germany’s citizens.  Lastly Tatjana announces a  PEGIDA anti-Islamization rally that took place in Dresden today. Continue reading

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Diana West Talks About Donald Trump With John Gilmore

Diana WestHere’s the link to Diana’s informative and insightful interview on the Gilmore and Glahn blogtalk radio show, commenting on the many issues around and within the presidential candidacy of Donald Trump:


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Andrew Bostom: Rubio – Cruz – Paul – Not Worthy Of The Oval Office

Andy BostomWriting in the February 4th edition of WorldNetDaily.com, historian Andrew Bostom, M.D. presents us some very hard truth:

Three of the GOP contenders for the 2016 presidential nomination looked the other way when the Constitution’s Senatorial Advice and Consent responsibility presented itself in the form of President Obama’s Iranian nuclear weapons development deal.  Dr. Bostom posits that, having shirked this solemn responsibility on a matter of grave national interest, none of the three is deserving of consideration to hold the office of the presidency.  With a few of my editorial comments and bold print emphasis included, here are some salient pieces of Andy’s  brilliant essay, which I encourage all who follow this blog to read in its entirety: Continue reading

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Donald Trump Unleashed – Same Words – With An English Accent

Thanks to Andy Bostom for the link. Continue reading

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Trump’s Language Reminiscent Of A Tactless WWII Era American – Will It Cost Him Votes?

George S. Patton, it could be argued, is the greatest American combat general in our history.  During WWII Dwight Eisenhower was a diplomat and an administrator.

Patton actually led troops into battle. Continue reading

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Would This President Do The Unthinkable?

Barack ObamaThe Washington Examiner reports today that the United States Border Patrol is now under orders to release all illegal aliens from detention and not order them to appear at deportation hearings.  Further, the whereabouts of the released invaders is not to be tracked.  Here’s a clip from the Examiner: Continue reading

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Why Is Rush Limbaugh Changing Course? Labels Marco Rubio A Legitimate Full-Throated Conservative

Talk-show host Rush Limbaugh reportedly has a daily listening audience of twenty-million people.  Until perhaps a week or two ago he delighted his followers with anecdotes and audio clips of Donald Trump “owning” the press corps and media outlets – with example after example of unsuccessful efforts to knock him out of the presidential race. Limbaugh promulgated Trump’s decisive stances on our illegal immigration problem, and his call to stop all Islamic immigration until our officials can figure out why Muslims are in the habit of visiting violence on innocent Americans. Continue reading

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BRITAIN FIRST Marches In Dewsbury – January 30 2016

And the police were out in massive force to protect them on a cold, wet, dreary day in England. Continue reading

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