UNIVISION’s Jorge Ramos Disrupts Trump At News Conference – Gets Tossed Out – UPDATE: And Comes Back For More

Here’s an interesting clip, posted today, from a Dubuque, Iowa press conference last night.  Donald Trump called on an unidentified reporter to ask a question.  Jorge Ramos, who is no fan of Trump, interrupted and began a long-winded question (which we cannot hear). Mr. Ramos refused to come back to order and sit down, even after repeated instructions to do so.

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Under Siege In Catalonia – Spain

regions-spain_mapJúlia Rosell Saldaña, whose enlightening essay regarding the ongoing Islamization of Spain and Europe which I posted here a few days ago, provides us some additional interesting (if distressing) data from her native land.  Continue reading

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Into Monday – Glenn Miller – Blue Is The Night

Glenn Miller broke up one of the Swing Era’s greatest bands in 1942.  He enlisted in the U.S. Army as a musician.  On the night of their last concert, vocalist Marion Hutton is said to have left the stage because she could not stop crying. Continue reading

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Let’s Talk Some Hijra

With thanks to Penny, here’s a four minute video which has received absolutely no attention in the American news broadcast consciousness.  Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy backed this one, featuring Ann Corcoran.  She explains the forced resettlement of tens of thousands of Muslims throughout the United States – and the problem this represents to America.  Not surprisingly Corcoran and other counter-jihad authorities have become the targets of racist accusations on the internet. Continue reading

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A Viewpoint On Islamization – From Catalonia

Julia SaldanaRecently I received a request for assistance with resource information. The writer was a woman whose name is Júlia Rosell Saldaña  (photo above).  Her nom de plume is Julia Krauss.  She wrote to me from Barcelona, Spain.  Following our exchange of emails, during which I provided Julia some of America’s best counter-jihad website links, I asked her to submit an essay with her take on what’s going on in Catalonia with the worldwide jihad movement, as well as the media blackout which frequently occurs when Muslims perpetrate crimes of violence in the Old World.  Interestingly, we sometimes have that problem here, too. Continue reading

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The Rhetoric Devolves – GOP Consultant Rick Wilson Labels Ann Coulter A Prostitute

Rick Wilson (Photo: Breitbart.com)

Rick Wilson (Photo: Breitbart.com)

Over at her website today, my friend Diana West published an essay on an issue with which I never thought she’d have to deal.  With the growing public support for Donald Trump’s detailed plan to deal with our nation’s life-threatening immigration problem, there is a collective broad-based panic-stricken “conservative” journalistic stampede in progress – toward the most vulgar and pornographic rhetoric. Continue reading

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By Request – Another Musical Interlude

I received a special request from one of my favorite readers for another musical break from all the bad news.  On October 10, 1939 the Glenn Miller Band performed at Carnegie Hall as the last ensemble of the evening.  This is Marion Hutton’s spot – The Jim Jam Jumpin’ Jive, FDR Jones and Hold Tight. Continue reading

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