Geert Wilders Addresses The Tweede Kamer – September 21, 2016

With thanks to Gates of Vienna, Vlad Tepes and H. Numan for the translation, here is one of Europe’s counter-jihad heroes addressing the lower house of the Dutch Parliament. Continue reading

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High School Teacher Publicly Labels Her Trump Supporting Students RACISTS

Here’s another video clip that will probably soon be scrubbed clean from the YouTube files.  In a less-than-scholarly-discourse-encouraging manner, Smithtown High School teacher Veronica Welsh used her Facebook site to smear Trump-supporting students as racists. Continue reading

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Wikileaks’ Julian Assange Talks About The DNC, War, Hillary Clinton And More Damage Yet To Come

Say what you may about Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, who has been locked up in the Ecuadoran Embassy for four years, no one has yet challenged the authenticity of the tens of thousands of documents his organization has released. Continue reading

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Washington Mall Killer In Custody – Not Hispanic After All – He’s A Turk

arcan_cetinAnyone surprised?

The news outlets can’t wait five minutes.  Law enforcement authorities can’t wait five seconds.  Before the smoke can clear from the scenes of carnage it happens.  Every time.  Immediately following a shooting which killed five people in a Seattle Mall, CBS sprinted  went to the microphones and computer keyboards to assure us:

At this time, authorities do not believe there is evidence to support that this is an act of terrorism.

In an all too familiar scenario, the mass murder suspect who was at first described as an Hispanic looking man turns out to be from Turkey – a Muslim state. Continue reading

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Dr. Ted Noel Elaborates Further On Hillary Clinton’s Medical Symptoms

Additionally, I refer you to Jay Michaels’ essay at The American Thinker, entitled Dr. Lisa Bardack’s Faustian Bargain.  Continue reading

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HRC Asks An Interesting Question

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What The Charlotte Violence Is Really About – Riot First And Don’t Ask Questions Later

Another fatal shooting of a black citizen in Charlotte, North Carolina, this time by a black police officer whose chief of police is also a black man, sets a now-normalized cycle of violence into motion.  The mob becomes infused with emotional screams containing false information from hysterical participants, who have not a clue as to what happened to precipitate the police shooting.  That doesn’t matter.

The mob riots.  More people die.  Even more rumors fly through the pandemonium about who killed the latest victims.  The beleaguered police become more and more de-legitimized by slanted press coverage and calls for “social justice” yelled out over the airwaves by politicians.  Finally, at some point, civil order entirely collapses.  Or perhaps it already has collapsed. Continue reading

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HRC’s Eyes Tell Us Something – But What?

This is very difficult to watch without wincing. Continue reading

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Post-Bombing NYC – Mayor Bill De Blasio Wants More Immigrants

deblasio7n-1-webSomeone said, “Elections have consequences.”

I have no idea who said it first.  It doesn’t matter.  It’s time for America to cowboy up, as they say out west here. is reporting that NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio (photo from his youth as William Wilhelm above) is calling for more Muslim migrants.

Yes.  You read that correctly.  And the smoke has hardly cleared from the recent Muslim bombings in and around Bill de Blasio’s besieged city.

From Continue reading

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Wanted In NYC Bombing: Ahmad Khan Rahami – Motive A Mystery

Photo:  Drudge

Obama not saying a word.

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