So You Think You Have A Voice In What Your Local Government Does?

Thanks to Vlad Tepes for this disturbing, but not surprising, video report out of Vermont.  Syrian refugees are coming to the town of Rutland.  And the decision to bring them in was made in secret, without a public announcement or a public debate. Continue reading

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How The Left Can Steal The 2016 Election – With Drivers’ Licenses For Illegal Aliens

Photo: Huffington Post via Breitbart News - Vicente Fox (right)

Photo: Huffington Post via Breitbart News – Former Mexican President Vicente Fox (right)

Notices are in the mail (I received mine yesterday) telling Colorado’s citizens that if unaffiliated registered voters (I’m one of them) wish to cast ballots in the upcoming June 28 primary senatorial election they must re-register as an affiliate of either the Democrat or Republican party.   We Coloradans had no opportunity to participate in the primary season Presidential caucus/straw poll this year, because the State GOP decided not to have one.  But I digress.

So, I read my form letter and noticed that if I have a Colorado Driver’s License or a state-issued ID card I am eligible to register as a voter, either via a mail-in form or online.  Continue reading

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Ann Coulter Talks To BBC About Immigration And Trump’s Prognosis

And the interviewer doesn’t particularly care for her positions.  In fact, I have yet to hear an interview with Ann Coulter where she got pitched softball questions. Continue reading

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Lars Hedegaard – Why Islam Is More Difficult To Defeat Than Were The Nazis

With thanks to Vlad Tepes, here is a most valuable ten-minute video featuring Danish historian and counter-jihad warrior Lars Hedegaard, speaking on May 21, 2016. Continue reading

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Meanwhile Back In Germany – Dar Al Harb Or Dar Al Islam?

Is Germany the house of Islam or the house of war?  The question is not yet fully answered.  How interesting it is to watch the differing views of the problem – which is the millions of Muslims who have relentlessly flooded into Merkel’s Germany (as well as greater Europe) and will never assimilate into Western culture.  Never.  Continue reading

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Where Extreme Left Meets Extreme Right – Anarchy – Barbara Boxer’s Personal Tale Of Terror

Here’s an interesting point of view from a committed political leftist, Senator Barbara Boxer of California, who was present at the Democrat state convention in Las Vegas a few weeks ago when things moved a little too far left for her comfort. Continue reading

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Pope Francis – A Closet Marxist/Muslim Steps Out Of The Closet



I cannot imagine where the Roman Catholic Church dug up this man to lead the flock.  Well, yes I can, on second thought.  I can think of a place or two.  This guy is dangerous.  I’m not sorry about writing this.  I am sorry for all of the decent Catholics I’ve met during my lifetime who are now saddled with this man’s doctrinal perversions and obfuscations.  Over at Cheryl Chumley just published a summary of an interview Pope Francis gave to a French newspaper, La Croix. Continue reading

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World’s Tourism Industry Taking A Devastating Hit From Islam

Egyptian Minister of Civil Aviation Sherif Fathy spoke at a post Egypt Air flight MS804 crash press conference, opining that yesterday’s airline disaster is more than likely due to a (Muslim) terrorist attack rather than to some mechanical failure.  Thanks to RT and Vlad Tepes for the video.

Over at the  reporter Nigel Thompson is calling this crash a probable terrorist attack – and the final nail in the coffin for Egypt’s tourism industry.  Thompson writes: Continue reading

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We Don’t Need No Stinking Executive Amnesty

Barack ObamaWell, now, Barack Obama may not have to lift another finger to get an amnesty for illegals done in order to create enough millions of new Democrat voters in time for the 2016 general election.  The Courts might just do it for him.

In a Kansas case U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson ruled yesterday that potential registrants for voting don’t have to prove U.S. citizenship at driver’s license offices.

This is huge.  From the Big Story AP comes this: Continue reading

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Coming Soon To Your American Neighborhood – At 60 Decibels?

Once upon a magical time Barack Obama told America that one of the prettiest sounds in the world is the Muslim call to prayer at sunset.  Well, here’s what it sounds like as it now blares every day at noon from the minarets of the DITIB mosque in Gladbeck, Germany.  The indigenous inhabitants are not very happy about it. Continue reading

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