Repeal Bill Of Rights – Yea Or Nay?

Thumbs up or thumbs down for the Bill Of Rights?  This leaves me nearly speechless.  Mark Dice asks the question.  Americans give him their opinions.  Yes, these people can actually vote. Continue reading

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Segue Into Monday – Dream

Beautiful rendition of an old song, performed by the Danny May Orchestra, from the movie Boiling Point, starring the late Dennis Hopper and Wesley Snipes.  Viggo Mortensen  was excellent as a trigger man with no conscience. Continue reading

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1942 – Glenn Miller – Bugle Call Rag

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Dying People And Dying Nations Are Gruesome Sights

Diana WestAs a law enforcement officer I watched my share of mortally wounded human beings breathe their last desperate, reflexive gasps – struggling to stay alive.  Those images are forever in my memory.  I wish I could forget them.  People do not die easily.  I’ve seen enough movies and television shows which depict a gunshot victim quietly expiring immediately after being shot.  Such depictions do grave injustice to the reality of a violent human death.  On the television show or in the movie, frequently there is no screaming in agony, no convulsing from the burning pain a red not projectile causes as it goes into the body. Continue reading

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Book Review: Ann Coulter’s ¡ADIOS, AMERICA! – The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole


Adios America! is a wonderful opus.  You can see and buy the book at Amazon by clicking here.  Here’s my review: Continue reading

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Mr. Obama Tells Kenyan Prez How To Conduct Business – Then Trashes His Own Treatment In America

(Photo:  The Telegraph)

(Photo: The Telegraph)

Sorry if I got lost here.  I could swear that Barack Hussein Obama has been the elected leader of the United States of America for nearly seven full years now.  Did he not have every possible privilege life has to offer its wealthiest citizens –  private schooling, the best colleges and universities, election to the highest offices in the world?  Or did I miss something?  As he spoke to Kenyans, perhaps Mr. Obama was grossly misunderstood  by The Telegraph reporter, Aislinn Laing.  Yes.  She must have entirely misunderstood his allusion to being treated poorly in his own country – because he’s an African American. There can be no other explanation – can there be? Continue reading

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Senator Ted Cruz Accuses Mitch McConnell Of Lying

I’ve previously written my opinion of Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell (R) and how he does business. Continue reading

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