A Little Nostalgia To See Us Through

In 1956 I was nine years old.  My life was about baseball.  One afternoon my father came home from work with three tickets for a New York Yankees game.  I saw my boyhood hero Mickey Mantle hit two home runs that May evening in Cleveland, Ohio, against the Indians.  One of the pitchers he tagged for a towering shot into the right field bleachers was the flame-throwing Hall of Famer Bob Feller. Continue reading

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Author Douglas Murray On J-TV: It May Be Too Late To Save Europe From Islam

A reasoned discussion on Islam’s doctrinal anti-Semitism and the catastrophic effects, probably irreversible, brought to bear on Europe by the flood of illegal Muslim immigration. Continue reading

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The New Face Of London – A Muslim Mayor About To Be Elected

Sadiq KhanOddly, Donald Trump’s name has surfaced during the ongoing campaign to elect a new mayor in London, England.  The leading candidate in recent polls is one Sadiq Khan (photo above).  He is a Muslim.  According to a Reuters report the political race has been roiled by charges of racism and (ahem) “religious tensions.”  From Reuters: Continue reading

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Russians Find Explosives Inside Muslim Prayer Center – And Detonate The Explosives Inside The Prayer Center

I find the idea intriguing.  It’s an innovative way to take care of two problems at one time. Continue reading

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Andrew Bostom: Islam And The Sexual Ethics Of Jihad Slavery

A 23 minutes lecture presented by the dauntless Andy Bostom, M.D. at the Education Policy Conference.  You can read the text by clicking here. Continue reading

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Trump Reads Us A Poem

With thanks to NewObserverOnline and Fresh Light Source.

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Germany In Crisis – As Told By PEGIDA’s Tatjana Festerling

A superior piece of intellectual analysis by a brilliant woman. Continue reading

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A Brief Interview With PEGIDA’S Tatjana Festerling

With thanks to Gates of Vienna and Rembrandt Clancy.

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A Courageous French Police Officer Speaks Against Islam – And Pays A Price

JallamionpolicierPostcards From Paris published this disturbing report today.  A French Police Officer whose name is Sebastien Jallamion (photo above) posted a piece on his Facebook page, in which he stated that Islam is not such a good thing for France.  Given recent violent jihad assaults, which have taken scores of French civilians’ lives and left many more scores grievously injured, who in his right mind would disagree with this brave man or dispute his right to an opinion? Continue reading

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Festerling Fires Em Up In Paris

An inspiring eight minute address at the Institut Iliade in Paris on April 8, 2016, by a great and brave woman. Continue reading

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