Available Now! GRAND HILLS REUNION – A Thriller

GHRKindleCover91hYIPSBHzL._SL1500_My just-released thriller GRANDE HILLS REUNION is now available in Kindle format at Amazon.com.  Paperback version soon to follow!  A great Sunday afternoon read!  Here’s the synopsis: Continue reading

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Add Neil Cavuto Of Fox News To My Top Ten List Of Stupid People

neil-cavuto-ms-400x400I just listened to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto do a protracted lament about how terrible it is and how baffling that so many tragedies have recently happened in the world.  What a shame it is that we just can’t understand any of it.  If we could just figure it out, how much better everything would be.  Why can’t we feel safe getting on planes?  Why is all of this happening to us?  Oh, woe!  Oh, alas!  What ever are we to do? Continue reading

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Once Upon A Time

My father was a veteran of World War II.  A conscripted citizen soldier, he served in the China/Burma/India Theater from January of 1944 to the end of the war in August, 1945.  Our nation was very different in that day.  The enemy was easy to identify and the goal was very clear, with the exception of Stalin’s Soviet infiltration of the highest levels of our government.  Diana West dealt with that issue in her latest book, American Betrayal.

Nonetheless, I think it’s fascinating to watch this Walt Disney cartoon, which was part of America’s wartime propaganda effort, to bolster the national spirit at a time when our very existence and survival were threatened. Continue reading

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Texas Mayor Resists Shariah Court In Her City – CAIR And Dallas Press Attack Her

beth-van-duyne-2Over at WND.com today there is a report by Leo Hohman which should send chills down the backs of Americans’ necks.  The issue is the proposed creation of a Shariah Court (Muslim Law) which a group of imams intends to set into motion in the City of Irving, Texas.  Such an institution would constitute an official invasion of Muslim law into American jurisprudence.  We already have a de facto intrusion by virtue of American Courts of Law citing Muslim Law as the bases for legal decision in domestic violence cases.

The mayor of Irving, Beth Van Duyne (photo above: WND.com), has made it quite clear that she is going to fight the idea.  CAIR, the Muslim Brotherhood’s strong arm in the United States, and the American press corps are predictably lining up to squash the mayor and get on with the business of Islamizing the U.S.A.  Here’s a bit from the Hohman report: Continue reading

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Should We Give CIA Director John Brennan Any Credence?

brennan_0CIA Director John Brennan says that ISIS has been stopped in its tracks in Iraq and Syria.  Really, says I?  This is the same John Brennan who has been named by former FBI Agent and U.S. Marine John Guandolo as a convert to Islam.  Guandolo is a co-author of Shariah: The Threat To America.

Cheryl Chumley has the report on Brennan’s comments over at WND: Continue reading

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Bibi Versus The World – Obama And U.N. Setting Up To Muscle In And Force Israel’s Surrender?

barack-obama-smokingSo, as could be expected, journalists worldwide told us during Israel’s election day that the race was too close to call and that it was likely that Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud Party  would lose.  But, no.  It wasn’t close, after all.  It was a slaughter, with Netanyahu the winner, hands down.  Perhaps the Israelis have actually figured out that Bibi is their last and only hope to stave off their destruction and save their lives – literally.  Israel is surrounded by Shariah-compliant Muslim states bent on following their Quranic mandate to make war (jihad) against Jews.

Israel is a tiny country facing the fight of, and for, her very life.  Looks like Bibi is willing to protect his people from the ages old institution of jihad via a nuked-up Iranian regime, which has also vowed to wipe the tiny state from the map. Continue reading

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Diana West’s Remarks On M. Stanton Evans’ Life and Work

When he left us, Stan Evans could not have handed the torch of truth he carried and told in his books to a more ethical, capable or trustworthy friend.

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