Vertigo-Inducing State Department New-Speak

In 2001 al Qaida destroys the World Trade Center, hits the Pentagon, and kills nearly three thousand Americans.

Al Qaida is bad.  Islam, we are told, is good. Continue reading

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HRC’s Eyes Out Of Sync Again In Cleveland – And More From Doctor Ted Noel

This footage is from a Cleveland rally yesterday, with thanks to The American Mirror via Drudge. Continue reading

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France: Phillipe De Villiers Talks To A Journalistic Wall About France’s Islamization

Phillipe de Villiers was once a candidate to be France’s president.  He recently released a book titled Tomorrow Will the Bells Toll? The Truth About the History of the Islamization of France.  He is an eloquent, outspoken critic of the Muslim colonization of France and Europe. Continue reading

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Aftermath Of Hillary Clinton’s Ghadaffi Joke: “We Came, We Saw, He Died”

In October of 2011 I published a post about Hillary Clinton’s joke, which followed the overthrow, capture, torture,sodomization and murder of Moammar Ghadaffi by jihadi savages whom she and Barack Obama openly supported – with rhetoric and with American bombs.  To be sure I’m looking at this in an inclusive, big-tent, bi-partisan way, let’s throw AZ Republican Senator John McCain’s name in there, too.  He was all for getting rid of Ghadaffi. Continue reading

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Book Review – TIME OF PARTING By Anton Donchev

time-of-parting-coverI received a used copy of Time of Parting as a gift from a friend. Based upon years of studying Islam’s history, conquests and the Shariah (Muslim law), I found the plot line to be historically accurate – and gruesome. The novel is based upon eye-witness accounts of the actual events. The book was made into a four and one-half hour movie, titled Time of Violence, which premiered at Cannes in 1988. Continue reading

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Donald J. Trump: The Long Road To The White House (1980-2016)

Thanks to Diana West for the video link. Continue reading

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With the third and final presidential debate mercifully finished and up for endless media coverage, the invasion of Germany and Europe by an overwhelming army of Muslims continues.  It’s impossible to know how many Americans understand that the same invasion is inexorably underway here in the USA, albeit not so immediately and profoundly noticeable within our much larger expanse of land.  Germany has changed drastically within just one year since Angela Merkel threw open the gates of Europe to the World of Islam. Continue reading

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Are There Really Police No-Go Zones In France? Germany? America?

It depends on who is doing the speaking.  As we can discern from the above RT video report, “authorities” in the French (and German) governments are very good at giving brave assurances that the forces of law and order are in command throughout the land.   No area is beyond the reach of the French or German police.  Right?  I wonder why I don’t feel reassured by the bureaucratic blustering. Continue reading

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Four Very Brave Women

With thanks to my friend, Diana West, for the video link and for her stirring essay.  I’m republishing it here: Continue reading

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2 Videos: Rape Victim Kathy Shelton’s Attorney Candice Jackson – And Three Women Who Accused Bill Clinton Of Sexual Assault

With thanks to Andrew Bostom, here is a brief segment of 1975 rape victim Kathy Shelton’s current attorney, Candice Jackson, speaking about her 2005 book, Their Lives: The Women Targeted by the Clinton Machine.  You can listen to the entire speech by clicking here.  Ms. Jackson recently published an essay at about the smear tactics Hillary Rodham (Clinton) used in order to assassinate 12 year old Kathy Shelton’s character in the Court of Law which was to try the evidence. Continue reading

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