A Question: Why?

Director James Comey is sworn in before testifying at a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on the “Oversight of the State Department” in Washington U.S. July 7, 2016. REUTERS/Gary Cameron – RTX2K5VV

Why has President Donald Trump not fired FBI Director James Comey?  Comey, who was recently called the most powerful man in America, directs an organization which collects all kinds of information on people in all stations of life.  His is a position which can instill intense fear, even in the most powerful of elected politicians.

History is replete with institutions which have had both far-reaching investigative and arrest powers.  Some of those organizations are (or were) not nearly so civilized as the American F.B.I.  The men in command of investigative agencies can wield tremendous influence, even over heads of state – because of information in their possession which may cause damage to the subjects of the information.  Especially if it is leaked to the public. Continue reading

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On Allegations Of Wiretapping And Surveillance: FBI Director James Comey – A Very Powerful And At Times Slippery Character

This is a fascinating exchange.  I’ve watched it several times.  Sometimes the FBI man James Comey is straightforward – and sometimes he’s not so straightforward.  You can decide.

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London Hit Again – “Asian” Male With A Knife And A Car

Thanks to Vlad for the SkyNews link.

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3 Immense Lies That Just Won’t Die

  1. Islam is a religion of peace.  Its teachings are good and peaceful, George W. Bush told us. He spoke those incredible words within days of the 9/11/01 attacks carried out by 19 Muslims using hijacked American jetliners as guided missiles.  They killed nearly 3,000 Americans.  Bush has never backed away from that lie and it lives on today.

Continue reading

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Shakespearean: Another Security Breach By The Secret Service

When was the last time you left your laptop computer inside your exposed car overnight?  When was the last time someone actually broke into your car and stole something – like your laptop computer?

Incredibly, unbelievably, a United States Secret Service Agent reportedly drove to her home in Brooklyn, left her car in an open parking garage and abandoned a laptop inside the vehicle.  Video surveillance cameras captured images of someone arriving on the scene in an unidentified car (which departed without the “someone”), taking items from within the Secret Service car, and walking away.

Take a deep breath. Continue reading

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Marine Le Pen Gives A French Journo More Than She Can handle

According to the vid.me site Vlad Tepes has apparently gotten into some sort of trouble with the YouTube people (perhaps truth in reporting?) and is not posting his videos there – at least until things cool down a bit.  I apologize to my readers for being unable to directly embed the vid.me format into this blog.  However, please click on the below link to watch Front National leader and French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen administer a tranquil, well-deserved dressing down to a hysteria and smear-purveying French broadcaster.  This is delicious.


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Once Again – FITNA – A Film By Geert Wilders

If you have never seen this fifteen minute masterpiece, here it is.  It’s well worth your time. Continue reading

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Dems’ and Press Corps’ Case Against Trump And Russians Is LAUGHABLE

I was never going to vote for Hillary Clinton.  The Russians’ alleged hacking into DNC computers and Donald Trump allegedly buddying up with Vladimir Putin to swing the American 2016 election did not cause me to vote for the current President.  This hysterical, repeated mudslinging by the Dems, Repubs and the entire world’s press outlets, slanted to cast Donald Trump as some sort of traitor to America is far far beyond laughable.  It is manic and delusional. Continue reading

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Trump Invokes A False Premise – And Displays His Misunderstanding Of America’s History

trump-mccarthyism-tweetThe last straw for breaking my novel-writing hiatus from this blog appeared today in the Drudge Report headlines.  President Donald Trump claimed via the Twitter social media engine that during the 2016 presidential campaign former President Barack Obama arranged for the wiretapping of the current President’s phones in the Trump Tower.

The accusation is entirely feasible and believable.  This is American politics.  Placing secretive bugging devices for eavesdropping on the opposition has been done before.  It’s not a new idea. Continue reading

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Announcing: FADOESQUE – My New Thriller – Available Now At Amazon

The paperback version is here. Continue reading

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