France’s Surrender Just About Complete – Nice Remembrance March Banned Due To Threats From Islam

Surrender FlagBreitbart News’ report today is somber and discouraging.  A memorial march scheduled for for the 84 people killed in a most horrible manner on Bastille Day by Mohammed Bouleil has been forbidden due to concerns about further Muslim attacks.  Here’s one quote from the Breitbart story:

French police have frequently found themselves overrun in recent months, and hundreds of thousands of troops have been deployed to the streets.

Hundreds of thousands of troops.  Hundreds of thousands of troops.  There are tens of millions of Muslims living in France – about 9% of the total population.  Continue reading

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Europe’s Destroyer Speaks

Frau Merkel is bemoaning the recent killings of German citizens in Wurzburg and Ansbach by Muslim “refugees”. Continue reading

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Andrew Bostom Talks To Sam Sorbo About The Butchering Of Jacques Hamel In Normandy

Andy Bostom

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Douglas Murray Talks About Jihad’s Origins – And Europe’s Pending Defeat

The discussion centers on the recent beheading of French priest Jacques Hamel last Sunday in Normandy.  Murray’s partner/opponent in the discourse, self-admitted Muslim Haras Rafiq, is calling for a reformation in Islam.  That is just laughable.  The very thought of reforming Islam constitutes the crime of blasphemy – which is punishable by death under the Shariah. Continue reading

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More Evidence That Germany Has Surrendered To Islam

Three Muslims entered a doctor’s office in Troisdorf, Germany.  One of them, the father of a 19 year old male patient whom the doctor had treated earlier in the day, brandished a knife.  One of the jihadis struck the doctor’s wife on her face, knocking her to the floor.  After terrorizing and threatening to behead the doctor for what they deemed unsatisfactory treatment of the son, all were subsequently arrested – and released from custody. Continue reading

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Geert Wilders At The Republican Convention – Daniel Pipes On Europe’s Chances For Survival

Speaking the truth, and offering specific solution s to the wave of terror brought about by the Muslim invasion.  We shall see if The Netherlands’ electorate is wise enough, and brave enough, to put Geert Wilders into the position of Prime Minister.  It will take some courage. Continue reading

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No Place And No Person Safe From The Savages Of Islam – Not In Normandy and Not In The USA

Jacques HamelYesterday two jihadis armed with knives crashed a Catholic Mass in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray near Rouen.  According to The Daily Mail they took hostages, stabbed and beheaded Jacques Hamel (photo above), an 84 year old priest, then slashed a nun into critical condition before French police officers shot them to death as they exited the edifice.

This happened inside a church.  A French church.  A Catholic church.  During mass.  Here’s some material from the report published by The Daily Mail: Continue reading

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Marine Le Pen – Heroine Of The French People – A Great Moment

Ms. Le Pen, leader of the Front National party, swung from the heels in this speech, aiming her oratory at Europe’s Destroyer, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the feckless, pathetic President of France, Francois Hollande.  She spoke these words at the European Parliament on July 10, 2015.  Look at all that happened to Europe in just one year since.  Paris, Brussels, Nice, Cologne, all struck by major jihad attacks. Continue reading

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Bastille Day Nice Massacre – French Police Officer Ordered To File False Report

In no way should any of this come as a surprise.  George Orwell’s fictional futuristic nightmare has grotesquely morphed into full-flowered reality.  The truth doesn’t mean anything.  Continue reading

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European Media And Islam Join Hands To Confuse The World About Jihad

Another astounding media whitewash surfaces to conceal the driving force behind the Nice Bastille Day massacre. Continue reading

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