Dutch Boys: Convert To Islam Or Die

With thanks to the intrepid Diana West, via Tarek Fatah,  here’s some in-your-face Islam advice. Continue reading

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Surprise – New U.S. Military Uniform Patches Resemble ISIS/Muslim Brotherhood Logo

Emblem Of The Muslim Brotherhood

Emblem Of The Muslim Brotherhood

It’s come to this.  You didn’t believe we’re being Islamized?  With thanks to InfoWars.com below the break are the new uniform patch to be worn by United States Troops who are deployed in the Syrian Civil War (left), and the official emblem of ISIS (right). Yes.  The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Continue reading

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From England – Pat Condell Talks About The Muslim Rape Of Europe

With thanks to Andrew Bostom, here’s some in-your-face truth from Pat Condell on the invasion, Islam, and Europe’s dying throes as she commits suicide by bringing Muslim culture and law onto the continent. Continue reading

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Another Interlude – The Trolley Song – 1944

From 1944, Jo Stafford and The Pied Pipers. Continue reading

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Europe On Suicide Watch

Here’s a rather disturbing eye-witness account given by Ukrainian journalist Aida Bolivar on Hungarian TV (with English subtitles) of what is really happening with the invasion of Europe by hundreds of thousands of “refugees.” Continue reading

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American Arms – Jizyah For Al Qaida In Syria?

gunsHere’s a report from The Washington Free Beacon which should raise the hackles on the backs of Americans’ necks.  But it won’t.  This will probably not get much coverage by the Press Corps, because it raises some basic questions about our entire approach to the identity of the enemy in this World War.  And the Press Corps is not interested in answering basic questions about Islam – or even asking the basic questions.  I can’t even begin to imagine what historians are going to think about us and why this empire burned itself to ashes in a few short years following WWII.  Ah, me.  Woe is us.  Into the Free Beacon report we go: Continue reading

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Fox News Trash Talk: Rich Lowry Takes The Trump Discussion To Even Coarser Depths

If you haven’t figured it out yet, FoxNews is currently waging a full-scale war (on behalf of the Clinton and Bush families?) against Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy – fair and balanced be damned.  I no longer watch Fox News.  As a source of reporting and political observations, it’s about as objective as MSNBC is.  I’m not at all surprised by this clip. Continue reading

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