“Time Of Violence” Depicts Bulgaria Under The Ottoman Turk Empire

WARNING:  Before you click that PLAY arrow, please read my brief comments.  This movie, about which Andrew Bostom wrote and thereby brought to my attention on May 19, is a graphic depiction of a Bulgarian village forced to convert to Islam by the Ottoman Turk Empire during the late 1600s.  It is violent.  But, then, jihad is violent.  Hellishly violent.  Based upon Anton Donchev’s novel, inspired by eyewitness written accounts of what happened in the village of Elindenya, it is a very disturbing work.  Dr. Bostom tells us that the movie screened at the 1988 Cannes Festival. Continue reading

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The West’s Grandiose Delusions About Islam – Middle East Mess Is Not All Barack Obama’s Fault

My friend Diana West and talk-show host Sam Sorbo discuss the abject failure of the Iraq war and, beyond that, the folly of trying to impose Western style democracy on Islamic nations. Continue reading

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A Powerful Message

Benson635663838706833646-BensonCOLOR--Mightier-Pen-05-05-15With thanks to Bobbie, here’s a cartoon by Steve Benson which imparts an eternal truth about pen versus sword – although, picking up the sword to wage violent jihad is not considered an extreme act in the doctrine of mainstream Islam. Continue reading

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Let Us Never Forget

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery

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Erasing The Thin Blue Line

Sir Robert Peel

Sir Robert Peel

In 1829 Sir Robert Peel organized the London Metropolitan Police, the first organized police service in England’s capital.  The Bobbies, affectionately named after their founder, are known throughout the world as an exemplary model of the modern police function.  I had the good fortune to spend time with many of them, including some rather distinguished detectives from New Scotland Yard, in 1984.  During the two weeks I spent in London as a part of a graduate seminar through the University of Colorado, I was very much impressed with the way they do their work. Continue reading

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Crime Rate Soars As Baltimore Cops Live A Nightmare

baltimore-riotsI remember working as a rookie patrolman in a northeast Colorado medium-sized city in the summer of 1980.  I was off duty and at home the night one of our new patrolmen stopped a car full of young intoxicated men who had just left a wedding reception.  The cop was going to arrest one of them, a white man, for a public order crime.  He told the others they could leave and go home.   It was not to be. Continue reading

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Another Look, In Case You Missed It

Mohammad-Contest-Drawing-1-smallBosch Fawstin’s cartoon depiction of Muhammad.

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