My New Book – Paperback And Kindle Versions Now Available On Amazon

Bar Fights And Other Funny Stories is my brand new just-published work.  You can find the paperback version by clicking here.

Meet a burned out cop who can’t stop talking about the job he hates; a sales account executive caught up in the corporate politics of a pressurized product recall dilemma; an eerie look-alike who falls into a unique and deadly trap; and a traffic offender with a lot of speeding tickets who gets stuck in a bizarre driver re-education class. Continue reading

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And From An Ayatollah: How Muslim Men Can Avoid Marital Problems Associated With Infidelity

With thanks to Tundra Tabloids and the Middle East Media Research Institute, here we have an authoritative figure in mainstream Islam, Iraqi Ayatollah Karim Al-Haeri, explaining how a man can someday purchase sex slaves to entertain his male friends when they come to his home.  There is no need for a quickie traditional Shariah-compliant marriage ceremony, which allows quickie sex with a new woman, and all the legal problems which may attach to that.  Continue reading

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“Migrants” Enrich Rennes France’s Nightlife Culture – Tourists Can Enjoy The European Atmosphere

Night  life in France just isn’t what it used to be – before the Arab Spring uprisings and subsequent Muslim “migration” to Europe.  With all of the “youth” unrest depicted in the video, and so many disenfranchised refugee arrivals from the Middle East and North Africa, I wonder how the tourism industry is doing in Europe this year.  I understand from one of my well-traveled friends that there are huge discounts on air fares and travel packages to be found.  Of course, one might find one’s self vacationing in the middle of a war zone.  I don’t know.  I have no plans to cross the pond and visit the Old World.  Continue reading

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Islam Conquers Germany – Et Tu Uncle Sam?

With thanks to Tundra Tabloids here’s a clip featuring Rebel Media’s Lauren Southern.  She took a little trip to Duisburg, Deutschland and discovered that it now looks more like The Islamic Republic of Turkey than it looks like Germany.  That Islamic crescent and star are just all over the place.  Isn’t that grand?  The Turks own Germany. Continue reading

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A Corsican Man Speaks His Mind On The Muslim Invasion Of France’s Beaches

GRAPHIC:  Send the kids to another room.

By way of explanation and clarification, the text from this Vlad Tepes video reads as follows: Continue reading

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Oh, Allah, Annihilate All The Jews! Oh, Allah, Enable Us To Kill Them!

Imam Ali Abu Ahmad, speaking in the Al Aqsa Mosque on May 20, 2016, Anno Domini, delivers some comforting prayers for his parishioners. Continue reading

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A Little Q & A With Some Help From Gates Of Vienna

(Photo: Gates of Vienna)

Q:  How could America have done this to herself? Continue reading

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A Women’s Day Celebration In The Islamic Republic Of Turkey

Thanks to the dauntless Vlad Tepes for posting this one.  It was Women’s Day in Turkey. Continue reading

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A Marine Corps Commandant From A Different Day – General Robert Barrow Addressing The Senate Armed Services Committee On Women In Combat – 1991

The debate has been raging and the pressure increasing for a long, long time.  I’m alluding to the idea of putting America’s wives, mothers, sisters, daughters and granddaughters into front-line military combat.  The idea is no longer an idea.  It’s a reality.  An unthinkable reality.  I need to thank my former student, Captain James Clark, United States Marine Corps (Retired) for sending me this video which was recorded in 1991 in front of the Senate Armed Services Committee.  I’m very proud of Jim and his service to our nation.  I wrote about him hereContinue reading

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Females In Military Combat Units – CNN Wants That Boys’ Club Wall Broken Down – Now

Female MarinesHere’s a report from CNN about the only remaining female infantry officer school candidate in the United States Marine Corps.  She couldn’t cut it – and failed to complete the course.  But that’s not really what the story is about.  It’s really another attack on America’s males by the radical feminist left, on yet another of many cultural issues which are ripping this country into pieces.  The idea of American women in military combat pits traditional Western mores, values and institutions (feminism’s anathema) against the gender-neutral forces of Karl Marx, which are all about breaking down everything which our civilization has held dear.  No more differences between the sexes.  We’re all the same now. Continue reading

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