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Announcing: FADOESQUE – My New Thriller – Available Now At Amazon

The paperback version is here.

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Book Review – TIME OF PARTING By Anton Donchev

I received a used copy of Time of Parting as a gift from a friend. Based upon years of studying Islam’s history, conquests and the Shariah (Muslim law), I found the plot line to be historically accurate – and gruesome. … Continue reading

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My New Book – Paperback And Kindle Versions Now Available On Amazon

Bar Fights And Other Funny Stories is my brand new just-published work.  Kindle version is here.  You can find the paperback version by clicking here. Meet a burned out cop who can’t stop talking about the job he hates; a … Continue reading

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Available Now In German Book Stores: What Angela Merkel Is Doing RIGHT In The Refugee Crisis

With thanks to Vlad Tepes.

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NY Daily News Wants NRA Labeled A Terrorist Organization – Obama’s Trial Balloon?

Sometimes the best way to get a measure of how well or poorly an intended action or public policy change will be received is to float a trial balloon:  Leak the idea to a news outlet and see what the … Continue reading

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Book Review: Ann Coulter’s ¡ADIOS, AMERICA! – The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hellhole

Adios America! is a wonderful opus.  You can see and buy the book at Amazon by clicking here.  Here’s my review:

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Who I$ Financing The NRO/Cap$haw A$$ault On Diana West’s Reputation?

Libel    1.  Any written or printed statement, or any sign, picture, or effigy, not made in the public interest, tending to expose a person to public ridicule or contempt, or to injure his reputation in any way. Libeling    2.  … Continue reading

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William F. Buckley, Jr.’s National Review In A Terrible State Of Disrepair

I can remember my mother, a political conservative’s conservative, watching William F. Buckely, Jr. (1925-2008) on television.  His show was called Firing Line.  Most of the time I had no idea what he was talking about.  What did I know … Continue reading

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Now Available At Amazon In Paperback! My New Thriller

Click here to order the paperback version of GRANDE HILLS REUNION. Click here for Kindle Version.

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Available Now! GRAND HILLS REUNION – A Thriller

My just-released thriller GRANDE HILLS REUNION is now available in Kindle format at  Paperback version soon to follow!  A great Sunday afternoon read!  Here’s the synopsis:

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