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Mark Steyn Speaks In Copenhagen As Europe Commits Suicide

With thanks to Europe News, here’s Mark Steyn speaking on September 26, 2015, at The Danish Muhammad Cartoon Crisis In Retrospect.  Present were historian Lars Hedegaard, who was the point blank target of a Muslim gunman, and Lars Vilks, a … Continue reading

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Pamela Geller – New Leader Of The American Counter-Jihad Movement – Feds Leave Her To The Savages

Sean Hannity actually gave Pamela Geller some support at Fox News.  Thank you, Mr. Hannity.  Geller was a guest opposite Imam Anjem Choudary, who makes no secret of the fact that he believes adulterers should be stoned to death – … Continue reading

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A Quick Visual History Lesson – Jihad Versus Crusades – Who Did What And When

With thanks to Penny, here’s a five minute video produced by Dr. Bill Warner that should open a few eyes about which campaigns were greater in numbers of battles fought and scope – Islamic Jihad or The Crusades. CLICK HERE … Continue reading

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August 2012 – Holder’s Assistant Thomas Perez Dodged The Big Question On Prosecuting Criticism Of “Religion”

                                  (Photo:  Thomas Perez, US DOJ Assistant Attorney General) Yesterday I wrote about an event, sponsored by the American Muslim Advisory Council, which is to take place next week in Tennessee.  U.S. Attorney Bill Killian is supposed to “educate” us and … Continue reading

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General John Allen, USMC, Supreme Commander In Afghanistan, Makes Me Nauseous

According to General John Allen, since 2007 no less than 52 American military personnel have been killed in Afghanistan by so called “green on blue” attacks.  That is to say that Afghanistan’s security forces, police or military, turned their guns … Continue reading

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Bostom Presents Another History Lesson In The Futility Of Western Apology

Andrew Bostom, with whom I am fortunate to communicate frequently and whose excellent works I continue to read, presents a valuable anecdotal history lesson for us in how to best deal with the vitriol and invective that are relentlessly hurled at … Continue reading

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Diana West On Sharia, Violence, Dhimmitude And Surrender To Islam

In her weekly syndicated column, the incomparable, dauntless Diana West lays out a recurring sequential chain of deadly mass Muslim violence, which is inexorably backing free societies into a corner.  And the omnipresent threat of more violence is having its effect.  … Continue reading

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Muslims Taking Geert Wilders To UN Human Rights Court – He Makes Them Feel Unwelcome

Thank you, Diana West, for providing this report for us. Those among you who are old enough to remember September 11, 2001, or perhaps the beheadings of Daniel Pearl and Eugene Armstrong that were posted as Islam in action for all the … Continue reading

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Malmo Sweden: The Police Study Arabic To Make Their Muslim Conquerors Feel More At Home

With kind thanks for the link to Gates of Vienna, the existential situation is rapidly deteriorating in Islam-beleaguered Sweden.  The Malmo Police, by their own request, are reportedly taking lessons in Arabic, so that they may befriend their conquerors from … Continue reading

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Oops – Muslim Brotherhood Moves To Ban Skimpy Bathing Suits In Egypt

Remember a few short months ago when we were assured by the Obama Administration that the Muslim Brotherhood is a moderate, secular organization, not associated with any sort of violence or agenda?  Intel Chief Robert Gates said (click here for … Continue reading

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